Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gnome Hang-out and Toad Abode.....

.......As promised in a recent post, this is a close up look at a cute little area in my garden - one that makes me smile when I see it.

This is Parton, named after Dolly because I found him a few years ago at Dollywood. Parton was obviously not made to stay outside because a short time after he had been in my garden his colors faded nearly out of sight. He became nothing but dingy white! So, he went in the garage and because he is owned by a big procrastinator, there he stayed for the next few years, until lately.

I finally gave him some new colors and doesn't he look fit, all spruced up and enjoying his place near the other gnomes and the toads.  He got a new patio while he was waiting in the garage. The Mosaic  was a fun project on another day - a group of four of us got together and each made one of these. They all looked so very different from each other. I am definitely the plain one among my friends! This is the perfect place for mine.

Some nice colored sea-glass also brightens up the hang-out.

These words are barely dry - I painted them this morning. This was on here before and also totally disappeared. Our hot summer sun is brutal! I need to get a can of sealer to spray this stuff. Maybe it would last a little longer. 



Now, here is my treasure of the week. I don't remember ever seeing this phrase before and I LOVE it!!!  As Christians, we have a steadfast hope that DOES grace every dawn that rises.  And, this hope is not just wishful thinking, it is a surety, given by our Savior.

Yesterday, while looking through a discount store of used things with my great friend Jean, I spotted this and soon knew exactly where it would serve its purpose. It is heavy and I am not sure what it is made of but, I sure hope it will hold up in the weather. It has not been broken, the "cracks" are part of the design. I plan to be reminded of the blessed hope we have in the Savior, every time I walk by and see it.  It will also remind me of my fun day with a special friend. There are MANY things in my yard that makes me think of Jean. Over the years, she has gifted me with so many garden items!

On up the incline is one more gnome peeping through the crocosmia

And, down here on the edge of their patio is one more.
He has the look of innocence on his face so he is called, Purity.

One more look at Parton, who always has a twinkle in his eyes. Wouldn't he make you smile, too?


  1. Parton looks as good as new!! Will be nice to see this pretty little garden area in person soon.

    1. Thanks. I so appreciate those trips to Dollywood that you provided!

  2. Parton sure is a handsome little gnome! I have a hard time believing that you are the plain one. Subtle, yes. Plain, no!

    1. Thank you for your faithful following! Don't feel like you are expected to see everything I do. I know looking at blogs can take up time, and with your young family, time must to hard to stretch! Well,actually, we can't stretch time, can we, but you get my gist!

    2. Oh, I don't feel like I am expected to. I do because I want to. If I thought you expected me to, I probably wouldn't... one of my more stubborn traits (flaws?) It gives me great pleasure to see things through your eyes. I feel that it helps widen my definition of beauty and whimsy!

    3. Well, I am disappointed that the smiley doesn't work here - or maybe I did it wrong.


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