Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday #2 (unlinked)

A week ago I chose (in my mind) the china that I would use for this post. When it came time to put it together everything was there except the cups! I looked high and low, through every cabinet, shelf, boxes and tubs, any where that they might be. To no avail! While I was looking I reorganized all the spaces where I looked. So, it wasn't really  wasted time! I saw a bunch of other stuff I had forgotten that I had! Today, I was about ready to give them up as gone and just cry! (not really) One more time - to the garage where I thought if I still had them in my possession, they had to be. Sure enough, there they were in their own little protective, zipped, cozy, cloth keeper!!  I don't have a complete set just four cups and saucers and a few other pieces. They are by Johnson Brothers and I don't know the pattern name.

Update. Wow, just read this after a good nights sleep and noticed several typing mistakes - glad it hadn't been looked at by many!

I like the pattern and style.

I love the colors.  Especially for this time of year.

love the spuare plate. These were made long before square plates became popular. I would really like to find some more of these.

This little tea pot is from Lenox.

I love the little design inside the cup.

I don't have room in this house to display miniature tea treasures so I put as many as would fit into this large apothecary jar.

I have enjoyed sharing these tea time treasures. I hope you have enjoyed seeing them.


A great reward!

Due to the summer heat and onslaught of mosquitos I have not spent much time outside working in my yard.  Finally, got out this morning and did some good hard work. There is still a lot of catch up and the maintenance will be steady now in our best season all the way through to about July!

 I have been waiting all year for my Jerusalem Artichoke plants to mature and bloom. They have finally gotten tall, some about six feet and are blooming.  Saturday night a large limb fell right in the bed and knocked a bunch of them down!! I had to saw the branches off to get it light enough to drag away. After I finished the clean up work I took the following pictures of the ones still standing.

I shared some of the baby plants with a friend and saw her plants about a month ago and hers are way more sturdier with stalks much larger than mine.  These look spindly compared to hers but they still make a nice show.

This can light up your morning!

It is probably premature to take pictures since there are so many buds to open but, I was so anxious to see them on here!

And look what came along to enjoy the blossoms with me!!! This beautiful big swallowtail was not fluttering and seemed to not even be aware that I was a few feet away so I was able to get several good pictures.


I got in the birdfeeder for a special shot. Ha.ha.  My arms look old but not quite as old as they look in this reflection.  This tree is dead as a doorknob and must be taken down soon!

What a great reward I had for getting outside and doing the work and for remembering to have my camera with me!!!  Now, I need to get some pictures made for tomorrow's Tea Treasures Thursday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Borrowed Beauty

This will be the first for me using pictures that are not my own. I collected these from facebook. Once it is posted on there it pretty much belongs to anyone. Most of these were posted by one site - Oh So ShAbBy and I did ask if I could use the pictures. Debbie and Sherry who maintain the site are very sweet ladies and I believe it was Sherry that answered, you can use any picture you want. I am just amazed at what they find to share. Not just fall but a variety of subjects and I will say they are the best selections I ever see on facebook. I am sorry I have no idea where any of these are taken.

Just look at the color here and the play of the sun.

Love the polka dot pumpkin.

Layers of elements and beauty.

How about these colors!!

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

"I craved to go beyond the garden gate, to follow the road that passed it by, and to set out for the unknown."

"Two sounds of autumn are unmistakeable, the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves...and the gabble of a flock of migrating geese.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

There is a beautiful spirit breathing now, it's mellow richness on the clustered trees. And, from a beaker full of richest dyes, pouring new glory on the autumn woods, and dipping in warm light the pillared clouds.   ~  Longfellow

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not another one!!!.................

Well, Autumn officially arrived Friday along with my seventy second birthday!  I know, I can't believe it either! About my age, I mean. I have had a good birthday weekend. My son and his family took me to lunch today at the Elephant something - I forget the second word - and we enjoyed a nice time together. Yesterday, my daughter took me to lunch for my traditional birthday steak, also a nice time. On the way home from that and since I was going right by my favorite Home Goods store, Lake Mary, I had to stop and browse in there. Guess what I found!!!  Another following my blog will know why I am having a hard time even saying the word chicken!!!  You remember last weeks now famous chicken?   In the 80's I had a whole kitchen full of chickens. I got over that and didn't keep any of those and have no intention of starting another collection.  but, lately chickens seem to be jumping out at me!

This pedestal dish really caught my eye. The first thing I thought of was, cheese server.

Just like last weeks chicken I liked it's shape. Are those chicken feet around that thing?

And, I liked it's colors.  But, it doesn't look like a chicken, you say. Well, I might as well turn it around!


Just like last week, I like its features.  And the good part is, it was a bargain.  And, after all, it was my birthday and I deserve another chicken bargain on my birthday.

How about a nice healthy snack to celebrate. Seventy two years ago my family was living in hard times. Lot's of people were because of the war. This morning I remembered a memento of those times that I still have.

Some foods were rationed out and each family member was given a ration coupon book. This is mine when I was three years old.

I had stamps left over!

Times aren't easy for lots of people in the present age. I guess if we go back to ration books I am one step ahead. Wonder how many stamps it would take to get a chicken, ummmmmmmm?