Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Winter Dining Room..........

Continuing with the theme of winter in my inside rooms (I do have outside rooms) this post shows some of my favorite dining room spots.......

Starting on the left: a hodge podge of tea things and other items.

Since the plate from 10 Downing street, London (literally) was in the above picture for those who have not seen it before, it is one of my special treasures. It is from the Royal collection and bears the Queen's seal(?). Tony Blair was in residence when it became mine. And, no it wasn't stolen.
On the wall just above the buffet holding the plate, etc. is this cabinet.  For many years and in two different houses it held part of my collection of one-of-a-kind Victorian tea cups and saucers. Two years ago at Christmas time I changed it to the white cups from my china set.
I really didn't like not having at least part of these showing, so this year after Christmas I put some of them in this basket.


Some of these are not my favorites but these are the ones that cooperated to fit together. You would be surprised how hard it was to get this many to nest together.



Tall lady holding her tea cup stands to the right of the basket. I need to put something in the glass apothecary jar! I think I know what might be just the thing.


On the left wall hangs the plate and cup that my daughter, Carla, gave me several years ago.  It gets traded out with a Christmas set but always goes back here afterward.

Another word about this shelf - the set of small square plates is new.  There are eight and they were a gift from my friend, Sarah. This is the first time in thirty or more years for the shelf to hold anything other than Victorian and the white cups and saucers.

I love the square shape, the color and the design!
If you have been following this blog long you already know how much I like pretty dishes and I have more to show from the dining room.  Will try to get to that soon.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter White......

........."Under a blanket of quiet, winter tucks us indoors.  This season of warming sips and quiet light prompts us to explore our inner lives.  What matters most to us within these sheltering walls - and within ourselves?"

Here in Florida, I am not experiencing the drastic chill that those across the upper states feel.  But, it is cold for here.  In January as I pack away bright holiday colors I turn to dirty snow white. It brings out an entirely different look and feel. In those years when we have very warm winter temperature, I enjoy a seasonal change indoors - using lots of white d├ęcor, eat and drink winter comfort food, even if I need to use air conditioning and it gives a feel of cozy warmth for the body and soul.


Today, I will be showing just the things on the bookcase shelves.

Starting on the top shelf, a dirty white angel and little bird.....

An open book showing winter white.

And in the right corner a couple of books with a white bird, jar candle and a bee.

Dropping to the middle shelf, first comes a big fat white bird, and two yarn trees that I kept out from the Christmas look.  Nothing says cozy better than candles, even battery ones.

In the middle, a big letter S which can be for my last name or for snow.  Some might say "Stark". I think more of "Serene".

Next is the little girl pulling a basket of snowballs. A red bird has hitched a ride. This picture was made without a flash. This is one of the hardest areas in the house to get good pictures and I seldom succeed.
Down below, two more books and some white and silver glass balls.  Silver is another color that can promote a winter feeling.

The final corner has a big metal button box on its side.  The box as well as the big bird in the first picture were gifts from my daughter at Christmas.


I have never displayed buttons in this room before but with the new button box they fit in.  And the colors are right.
Whatever works for you, celebrate the frosty season with heartfelt warmth, see, sip, savor and snuggle up and enjoy quiet peace.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

While I wasn't looking.....

.............during the holidays, while I was so busy inside and with special activities to participate in, the garden was carrying on without me.  I did manage to get some pictures out there and that is what I am sharing today..........

Cooler weather is great for the roses and most of my bushes have been performing with wonderful blossoms

I love to take pictures when plants are covered with raindrops.  We are still getting what seems to me more rain than normal in our "dry" season.


This night jasmine is in the back corner of the yard and is not seen much from the house so I was surprised when I walked back there and it was covered with blooms.
Nearby, something is going on with this pair, a boy and a girl tall garden stakes.  They have been close but with about a foot between them.  I notice now they are holding hands?????

In my raised bed the winter herbs are doing good. Love seeing dill covered with moisture.

Healthy Kale
Turnip plants all insisting on having the turnips above ground!


I was thrilled to finally catch this Gulf Fritillary sitting still enough to get a picture.

Monarchs are much easier to photograph. They don't all migrate from here.

This tropical has been loaded with blooms for weeks.  It will be the first to go if we get a big frost or (I don't even like saying the word) a freeze.


Hibiscus has a few blooms almost year round.

After Christmas I found the snapdragons I had been looking for. They do well in the front sunny yard.

Geraniums do better in the winter time for me.
I have many more recent pictures but they can wait until the next garden post.  Next posting will be from the inside showing some after Christmas decoration - my winter inside.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All Through the House #3


This number three of Christmas all through the house starts in my bedroom.  It was a dark, rainy day for picture taking but, the rooms are dark on a sunny day and it really makes little difference. I kind of like what looks like a sepia tone for these, although I lightened every picture. Wish they could be sharper.

This is on a small wash stand piece of furniture. For Christmas I added the snowmen around their fire and the little sprig in the stemware button holder. The other things stay year round.


I have a Christmas wreath on the wall and added red pillows to the bed but those pictures are just not good enough to show.
Now we are in the tiny hall bathroom.  The big silver tub holds towels, etc. all year, but gets brightened up with a little red and icy sprigs for Christmas.


A year round chandelier over the silver tub has the addition of red balls. It's the first time I have used them here.

They are a nice addition.

Just enough space by the silver tub to hold Grandma's tiny shoe with it's bottle brush tree.

I love having the little shoe that my mother-in-law wore!

A silver ring with hanging silver bells on the end of the divider wall.  Can't have too many bells at Christmastime.

Festive paper towels by the sink.

And, in case you prefer a cloth one.

A poinsettia shaped bar of soap.

Just outside in the hall, Mickey bells on the linen closet door.

In my little guest room the old suitcase gets some Christmas greenery, Three yarn cone trees and a red garland.



Beside the suitcase a bottlebrush tree and a little girl dressed in her snow coat and hat.

On the bed a plain wreath and metal stocking.

On the table by the bed.

A cross stitched Santa on a pillow, that I did many years ago. I did a lot of cross stitching and this one was always a favorite. And, is the only piece that I ever display.
This is truly picture overload but, it is hard for me to show little details without showing most of them! 
Although, I never got around to showing anything outside and a few other areas, I am going to call the Christmas theme finished and wish you a Very Happy New Year with many blessings to enjoy!