Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Rock Garden......

Yes, it's time to get back out to the garden. This time, to my refurbished rock garden.........

This little area could also be called My Memory Garden. Each rock and brick and a couple of other things represent a person and/or place. Because I have done it in other posts, I won't go over those individually except for one thing.

The plants have grown enough since some of the pictures were made to fill in most of the soil.

I can't remember whether it was on Facebook or a blog post that I showed  the three large rocks. They are my "Joanne" rocks because my friend was here and went to Pebble Junction with me to help select, load, unload and place them in their very best positions.

I love the addition of those rocks. This picture shows how close the area is to the sidewalk and street and is just to the left of the driveway. 

Now, the following is close-ups of all the plants, etc.......

African Daisy and Ajuga have been growing and blooming great.

This yellow succulent is bringing brightness to the look.

I love Diamond Frost, Euphorbia with it's continuous , delicate blooms.

It was amusing to me that one of my male neighbors mentioned the changing of this area saying, "the chicken moved out of the pot, three big rocks appeared, and the Nome appeared in the tree trunk"

The plant in the pot in the middle will get put into the ground sometime this week. I am going to let it fight it out with the succulents for space. There is no room for anything more. Some replacing might be needed later on but no additions.

This doesn't come close to showing the bright color of the blooms. I find blue to be the most difficult color to capture in photographs.

This big pot with the snapdragon has done so well this spring. Will soon need to replace the snapdragon with something else that can tolerate our heat - one of the biggest problems in the summer front yard. This area only gets the morning sun or that plant would already be gone.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

You have had glimpses of the old tree trunk in other pictures. It has some interesting root structure at the base.  Just a perfect place for this Nome to take his rest time in his big leaf. He is only about six inches in size but his red pants make it hard to miss him.

How could anyone not love him? I have to admit that I have been hoping someone passing by doesn't love him enough to take him.  From inside the house, I saw a mom and dad allow a little boy to walk off with something he picked up from the front yard.  How could parents not teach the wrongness of that!!

Adding the rocks and just doing some good weeding, edging etc. has made a big difference to the total appearance of the area.  I am bound and determined to keep it looking it's best.

Thank you so much for visiting today! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun With Birds #2

I hope you saw Fun With Birds #1. Two posts before this one. Now I want to show a few more birds I have recently been watching and having fun with.

This was from an earlier post and I know some of you remember seeing the wrens building their nest in this can.

The building ended and mama was seen every day sitting in the nest. I didn't get a good picture of her eggs but was able to see two.

After the babies hatched I could see four, very crowded in the small nest.

A few weeks went by and I watched the parents bringing worms to feed their little ones. And finally, the babies were looking pretty much like the parents and two weeks ago I looked into an empty nest.  I was really hoping to be watching to see them leave but, missed that big event.

This guy and others like him (as many as twelve at a time) have been visiting my yard almost daily  for months.

They have been entertaining and have caused no trouble in the garden.

But, now I know why this little birdbath seemed to get empty so often!

Then one day I saw this one on my neighbor's housetop.

What a show he was putting on up there.

White Ibis are a regular sight in the neighborhood, too. They mostly travel in groups up and down the streets looking for food. 

Very commonplace but still a nice treat and fun to see.

These are often seen soaring so gracefully high in the sky but very seldom down low enough to get a picture. 

It was a real treat to look up in an extremely large and tall Cypress tree in my backdoor neighbor's yard and see three of them - Kites.  Easy to identify when you see their split tail.

They are beautiful and quite large. These are way up there and I was pleased to get some clear photo's with the camera zoomed as far as it would go.

Preening or bashful.

I see way more than I would rather see of hawks. This one is bigger than most. I usually see red shouldered hawks and they are a bit slimmer than some types. He has an interesting pose with one leg hanging down.

Now, those of you that saw my last post remember a picture of this? But, look close, there is something different now.

I went out the front door today and a wren flew across from this right in front of me. This couple is much faster with the building. The ones in the can took weeks. This nest looks almost finished, since yesterday.

A new family of Carolina wrens will be happening here! I will have to decide, do I leave the Easter eggs until the babies come and go, long after Easter? I will show an update later.


Friday, April 18, 2014


I didn't do much Easter decorating this year. I just haven't been in the mood for pastels and not planning an Easter meal I didn't think skipping some of the decorating would be noticed.....

I already had the spring welcome flag out and I added three colored eggs to the pot of grass. This grass is showing some winter damage. I think next week it will get a short hair cut and a big drink with fertilizer and see if it will grow back looking better. I have had this grass forever, it seems.

On the other side of the front walk I brought out the three eggs that usually go in the big fountain but, since the fountain is not holding water, they were not needed there.

The plant is not looking so good right now, also returning from getting a little too cold but it is beginning to bloom again.

A few steps up the walk and on the left the cloth rabbit basket is the greeter. It is amazing how this has hung outside year after year, gotten wet several times but still looks the same.

Well, I guess her whiskers have drooped a bit.

Shy bunny is here on the right of the walk but he lives here year round.

A few weeks back this Easter Cactus started budding up and here it is blooming right in time for Easter.  My son gave this to me several years ago at Easter time and it was called Easter Cactus and had a different look from the Christmas Cactus - foliage and flowers . It seems to have reverted back to the familiar look. 

On the other side of the bench.

Some big ears in the window box just above the bench.

I love his big ears!

On the right side.

This is the spring wreath I put out earlier.

A simple style but I like it. And, it may just stay through summer too. Let's step inside to see one little area.

Just inside on the little table. 

He is a big guy giving a big greeting. The biggest thing about him is his feet.

Same little garden house I used at Christmas but takes on a new look with spring things.

And, that is it for this showing. I have a few, very few, spring-like items about inside. I need to renew my zeal for changing and sprucing things up in here. I have enough stuff to rotate, that's for sure. 
My wish is for you to have a very Happy Easter!! I am looking forward to a Good Friday service tonight to honor our Lord and Savior.