Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All Through the House #3


This number three of Christmas all through the house starts in my bedroom.  It was a dark, rainy day for picture taking but, the rooms are dark on a sunny day and it really makes little difference. I kind of like what looks like a sepia tone for these, although I lightened every picture. Wish they could be sharper.

This is on a small wash stand piece of furniture. For Christmas I added the snowmen around their fire and the little sprig in the stemware button holder. The other things stay year round.


I have a Christmas wreath on the wall and added red pillows to the bed but those pictures are just not good enough to show.
Now we are in the tiny hall bathroom.  The big silver tub holds towels, etc. all year, but gets brightened up with a little red and icy sprigs for Christmas.


A year round chandelier over the silver tub has the addition of red balls. It's the first time I have used them here.

They are a nice addition.

Just enough space by the silver tub to hold Grandma's tiny shoe with it's bottle brush tree.

I love having the little shoe that my mother-in-law wore!

A silver ring with hanging silver bells on the end of the divider wall.  Can't have too many bells at Christmastime.

Festive paper towels by the sink.

And, in case you prefer a cloth one.

A poinsettia shaped bar of soap.

Just outside in the hall, Mickey bells on the linen closet door.

In my little guest room the old suitcase gets some Christmas greenery, Three yarn cone trees and a red garland.



Beside the suitcase a bottlebrush tree and a little girl dressed in her snow coat and hat.

On the bed a plain wreath and metal stocking.

On the table by the bed.

A cross stitched Santa on a pillow, that I did many years ago. I did a lot of cross stitching and this one was always a favorite. And, is the only piece that I ever display.
This is truly picture overload but, it is hard for me to show little details without showing most of them! 
Although, I never got around to showing anything outside and a few other areas, I am going to call the Christmas theme finished and wish you a Very Happy New Year with many blessings to enjoy!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All Through the House # 2........

The new year is fast approaching so here is #2 of All Through the House, with #3 soon to follow.

Just waiting for a snowball fight! A gift set from my daughter.

I had this matted frame just waiting for a picture and decided to use some black cardstock and do a "black board" picture.

The picture sits on the end table along with some other favorite things.
Doesn't she look pleased with herself, standing here in her snow coat and hat!!
She stands in the shadow of this handsome reindeer with his little red bell swinging.  I would rather the tiny red berry not be showing but I guess it didn't bother me enough to crop the picture or take another.  Yes, it has reached that point - it is after Christmas and we will just let it be good enough, as is.

Off to the right you can see where the little berry is coming from.

I'm not sure that putting the wreaths around these stockings was an improvement but, makes them look a little different from last year.

On around the corner is the little half table with Charlie Brown's little tree. The tiny squirrel from the Gifts From the Kitchen Brunch is a new addition here.



Sitting quietly by on the little antique chair is a Santa doll that I made many years ago.

The metal basket that holds my cards. I got seven after Christmas so I am not the only one who was a little late this year.
I put little battery candles in all my slightly burned down larger candles and enjoyed them
more than I thought I might.
One more post showing a little from both bedrooms and baths might finish my presentation of Christmas in my house. Of course, there is also a few things outside you haven't seen. We will see......either one or two more and I will turn to other subjects.



Sunday, December 28, 2014

All Through the House......


........My intentions were to show all through the house BEFORE Christmas. But, I got behind, Christmas is over but, I would still like to show it hoping someone will still like to see.  So, continuing on with a lot more show than tell - lots of pictures, not very many words.  I promise to move on to something altogether different after the New Year starts.

I am still loving my silver bells theme.

What I see as I relax on my loveseat.


Texture is important in decorating. You can use a lot of one color, with different textures. Pillows and throws adds warmth, visually.

This is one of my favorite creations this year.  I have used the white house before but not with a snow scene.  After the big snow, I gathered up all the other things from my collections to make the scene.

It's difficult to photograph without getting reflections on the glass.

I did need to buy a car for here. I looked for a red pickup but had to settle for the red car. Notice the light in the little white church.

This white desk is where I can use a lot of assorted things.




After I had a lot of the decorating done I decided to make a yo-yo tree for this spot.




The bird always manages to find a pretty sprig to hold during this season.
With time now to slow down and rest, I look forward to this spot.  I got eight of these little plates for Christmas and plan to use one here as a coaster. Six of them are already in my cup and saucer open cabinet on the wall. You will probably get a look at them eventually. I will be back soon to show some more and hope you will come back to see.
Christmas is never "over" for believers. The fact and significance of God sending a baby to our world, to grow up to become our Savior is ever present, ever important and will never be over!