Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Down My Garden Path.......

I thought you might like to take a little walk down one of my garden paths. ......

There are several neat things to see along this short stone path ......

One thing is the wash of stones, shells and sea things.  A lot of this had sunk into the sand and most of the rest was covered with leaves until last week when I spent some time cleaning it up.

The assorted sea-glass shapes are once again visible.

Directly across the path you can see this bird bath. The birds have really been using both baths along this path.

I seldom see this kind of bird in my garden. I am guessing it is a finch. It is the same little bird that has been eating buds from my bridal wreath spirea bush.

A few steps on down the path, this has become a common sight.

I love seeing these little things! And, don't worry, the green you see on the glass feeder is not algae but reflections from the nearby leaves. I got concerned when I saw the close-up picture, thinking the sugar water had molded and went out to check.

This is one of my favorite pictures for this spring! I have not seen any males feeding here yet. I hope there are some nearby, somewhere.

If you have strolled down this path before you will remember this old water can and the Carolina Wrens busy building their nest.

They got their little nest all finished and here she is sitting cozily on at least two eggs. I couldn't tell whether or not there are more than two. 
I hope you enjoyed the short walk and soon I will take you on up the other side to see what is happening over there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some Favorite Garden Spots, Currently........

........It really looks like spring here with most of the trees wearing new spring green leaves and several plants blooming.........

The herb, skullcap is blooming as good as it ever has.....

Big Ears has been hanging out near the potted violas and just on the edge of the.........

.........big patch of blue-eyed grass. This plant waits until the sun hits it each day and then the little blue flowers start opening. If I take a picture of the whole patch the flowers don't show.

I am hoping to get up to Pebble Junction and get three bigger rocks to add to this little rock garden area. I want the size to be as big as I can lift. I think it will improve the look here.

The ground orchids are in full bloom now - pretty showy if you like orange and yellow.

I chased this swallowtail around for awhile on Sunday and thought I wasn't going to get a good picture. He kept coming back to the parsley and I finally got this one.

And then this one. I didn't realize until these pictures that they have a lot of orange underneath.

I never get tired of seeing this rose in pictures. Hopefully, you don't either.

 A small, new Angelonia plant just loaded with blooms.

Old fashion Cleome - love, love, love, especially this lavender one.

A white one back-dropped with a new (to me) type of  Cosmos which I really hope to get established here as I love the brown and white colors of it.

This is mustard greens going to seed.

Same with the Arugula. I partly grow this plant just to see the blooms.

I am so pleased with the performance of the Croscosmia this year. I just wish it would hang around longer.

Today's butterfly encounter. It's always good to see the Monarchs as they are not as plentiful as they used to be. I got several pictures that look the same as this one but.....

Patience pays off - he finally spread his wings.

And last, a picture of an area where I have done some recent back-breaking work. The big stepping stones are heavier than they look! And, this required lifting several bags of mini-pine bark. It was worth it for me as it is an improved look. I just wish I could do something to hide what I call my service area  just to the right of where I was standing to take the picture. Garbage bins, (I need so many for yard trash) empty pots, etc. take away from the good look. 
I had an edited version of the post all finished and lost it somehow. So, what you see is what you get this time.  I am not going to start over again! Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just Before Spring.......

........We are heading towards the time to show some spring! Before the kitchen gets it's spring tweaking I am showing some of it's current look.

From across the room - showing the shelf wall.

And, on around the corner.

Back to the left and showing the  close-ups.

Below the little chair on the wall the high chair always sits here. I have enjoyed the little black chicken towel hanging on the chair.

Back up to the shelf and cabinet top.

The middle of the shelf and below.

In the corner. You may be thinking you have seen all these pictures before but you haven't. A lot of the small things were switched around with a few additions and subtractions.

The blue and white came out again after Christmas.

I don't know where the blue came from in this picture - it's not there in real life. Quite a bit of hot chocolate and tea has been enjoyed from the Sip and Savor basket. We are experiencing another very cool day, even though the sun is shining bright. This little spot might need to stay the same for awhile, even if bunny rabbits start showing up!