Monday, July 14, 2014

Through the window.....

I have spent a lot of time in the last two weeks sitting at my dining room window and the amount of pictures I took is probably ridiculous. That is what I am sharing today, just a few of those pictures. There may be a #2 to come even though this post is heavy with pictures (forgive me) I have many more...........

Pointing toward this is where I had the best luck getting my zoom lens to focus.

The reason I started sitting here with the camera in the first place was because I had noticed humming birds coming to this Wendy's Wish Salvia. One at a time came while I had the camera ready but, they flit from blossom to blossom so fast that I couldn't get a good shot.

I saw several other forms of wildlife too and I just kept snapping.

When I would get bored I would focus in on something and take a picture, many, many, pictures!


I would head back to the salvia to get focused in case the humming bird showed.

Bored again.

Then a moth happened along.

This guy entertained me every day and I got so many different poses of him I could do a whole post just with him.

Got pretty acquainted with this guy. They tend to hang around in the same area most of the time.

He came and went many times.


This is the best I could get of what took me to the window. 

One day I happened to notice this almost perfect heart shaped by the tall tree canopies. It is still in shape and I took several pictures because it looks slightly different according to what the sky looks like at any given time.
I have enjoyed this time spent looking out of this one window and have had my admiration for God's nature taken to an even higher level. He offers us so much on a daily basis if we just have our eyes open to it.
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  1. Lots of great pictures! I think I recognize that squirrel ;-) I think my favorite shot is the one of the teacup. That is not a spot one expects to see a teacup!

    1. Thanks. The squirrel was so funny. He saw me through the window and at one point ran to the little tree there, climbed up to the fork in the trunk and stayed there looking at me for he longest time.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos. I, too, love to sit in the same spot for long stretches of time, and see what there is to see as the critters come and go. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jenny. It's there for our entertainment.

  3. So funny...I noticed the tea cup too! Is it a bird feeder tea cup? It's a pretty spot in the garden.

    Love the squirrel and the butterflies and the moth...the lizard, not so much. I am a sissy. All of your flowers are lovely though!!

    1. It is a bird feeder but serves more like a water supply here. If you lived here you would get use to the chameleons in no time. They never choose to get on you.

  4. Great pictures, you live with a great window on the world!


    1. Thanks, Carol and I sure do have a lot of nature to enjoy.


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