Friday, August 21, 2015

Frolicking Through the Garden..........

...........Amid the extreme heat, summer rain and lazy days, there is still quite a bit of garden frolicking going on.  Not much of it done by me except when I am chasing after something with camera in hand.  Today I will show a few of my favorites and throw in a few plant pictures too...... 

I caught this couple in the very back corner being spotlighted by the sun.  They don't cover much territory but continuously remain absorbed in their own little world.

I see these Gulf Fritillary butterflies come through but, seldom catch them still enough to get their picture. Here you see the underside of one wing and the topside of the other.
This one went from flower to flower but paused just long enough to get a few fair pictures.

It starts feeling like fall here, even in the heat, when the beauty berries start turning this beautiful color.

Another frolicker paused for me to get many good pictures, the White Peacock.

This is a skipper butterfly and most of the skippers seem laid back and relaxed.


Some of the swallowtails are near impossible to capture.  They almost never stop moving.

And then there are these residents! They mosey through a few times a day and you would think they owned the whole sub-division. You can't call what they do frolicking by any stretch of the imagination!

I seldom look out or go out that I don't see at least one dragonfly.  I think this is the first time, however, that I caught one on rosemary.



With all the frolicking that goes on in the summer garden, there comes the time for sweet repose and reflection. It's a good life!


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