Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hanover and Lancaster County.........

...........Showing the last part of my vacation posts.  Hanover, Pennsylvania was our shopping town when I was growing up on a farm at Glen Rock, R.D. #3.  We stayed four nights in a motel there this year. It was very handy and served our purpose quite well - just a short drive to where our family reunion was held. It also put us close to some other spots we wanted to "check out". 

 The first big picture above is on the square of Hanover. And, the bottom left is a Clarks Shoe store outlet. I was happy to get into that store since Clarks has become my favorite for sandals.  The middle picture on the bottom is my sister and it looks like she has found her shoes! Putting the pictures in this size collage and then making it larger distorts some of them a bit. I found out that day that Clarks originated in England.  I have always been a potato chip nut! And, Hanover is the home of the best potato chips EVER. The UTZ company has operated there for many years. I am always happy to get into their outlet store. I know most of you are familiar with the Snyders company. We also loaded up there. Just around the corner from Clarks is The Famous Hot Dog eatery. It also, has been in business there a long time and one of my relatives is the manager.

After getting our shopping done in Hanover we left and drove to Lancaster county.  I never get tired of paying that area a visit. The farms owned by the Amish people are about as pretty as you can find! It was a very hot, dry, day and this corn looks twisted. It is silage corn and has a tendency, I think, to look this way anyhow.  There must be more silos here than anywhere on earth. They are very large silos.

I have always had an admiration for the Amish. While some of their beliefs seem strange to me I know they are good people and they sure do know how to farm and cook!

We are always there during the same week that they have their big fund-raising auction.  They gather on this same farm each year.

I think she is headed to the auction.

They hold the auction under this very large tent, selling small household items, etc.

Under another big tent they sell food.  You will always see some of their specialties like shoefly pies.
I am not fond of those but I can vouch for the yummyness of these - especially the lemon!

I think their children are so cute and I love to see their clothes.  Since they really don't like to have their pictures taken you have to be candid and discreet.  My niece, Freida has a lens that takes great pictures from far away. She took all the pictures I am using in this post.

Don't they look sweet!!!

After leaving the auction we stopped in a favorite store and then decided to try to find some of the many covered bridges.

Most are still in use today.

The way they are structured is quite interesting.

Most of them are painted red but a few are white.

This one is in a beautiful park-like setting.

Even though we had a map they weren't very easy to find.  We saw a lot of the beautiful farms as we were searching for bridges.  It is fun to ride the back country roads.

This one was the only one we saw that is not in use.  It was either moved or the creek moved!

                        On another trip I saw about five different ones so I have seen a lot of Lancaster county covered bridges. I will pin these on Pinterest because I have noticed a lot of people have covered bridge boards.
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  1. I love that country. Covered bridges are almost a thing of the past. I sure would like to see them in person.

  2. PA is so lush and different from the southwest where my Mom relocated after being born and raised in Plymouth. We've done short visits, but I've never had enough time to explore the place. Oh the stories my Grandmother would spin about the snow drifts! Your photos are lovely! And thanks so much for your kind comment! So nice to know you came by!

  3. I've very much enjoyed the PA blog posts. I meant to comment on the last one, so I'll let this cover it too. The Colton farm is always a pleasure to visit, and I love going to Amish country. I agree with you on not understanding all their beliefs, but respect the modest life style they live. Thank you for the special coverage of a nice trip!!

  4. What a lovely trip! We have a newer order Amish group in the eastern part of our state and a group of us went to an auction there. The quilts are prized pieces and sold for thousands of dollars. The farm country there in PA is absolutely beautiful. Covered bridges are sadly becoming a rarity these days. The ones you saw look to be in wonderful condition and I hope they will be around for a LONG time. Thank you for sharing with us.


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