Friday, July 27, 2012

A busy week but crawling now........

...........This week started with me helping with a Destination Occasion wedding at Cypress Grove Park. The park is large and a very pretty place.  I discovered this statute which I had not seen before. It was erected in memory of Mrs Russel.  I am assuming it is the Mrs Russel who established The Russel House located next to the park. The Russel House is a family-run house that takes in the kind of people who desperately need help but would have a hard time getting admitted to most places. Much praise for the Russel family!!!

Maybe next time I am here I will take several pictures of the park and do a whole post on it.

Monday we were there for this wedding.

This cute little two year old guy was the best man and ring bearer.

Here is Stanley digging in his cargo pants pocket for some very important cargo - the rings!

He did great but needed a little help from dad.

This picture was made near the departure time. You will notice Stanley is having a rest on the steps.

Now, on to another subject.  I have really enjoyed this scene lately out of my dining room window.

Several times I have seen a hummingbird here on the agapanthus. As hard as I tried I never was able to get a picture at the right time.

Around in the front the pineapple continues to develop.

I think it probably will not get to an average size as it is still a little small (except for the top) but is turning yellow. I think that would be a sign of ripening. Hopefully, the raccoons will not discover it before it gets picked.

            We have had great rains lately and the Resurrection fern has been green and upright.

You never know where it will choose to grow.  Here it is on a big palm.

Since Wednesday I have been watching things grow from inside.  I had a second round of oral surgery. I am looking forward to being totally healed and eating normal again.

The low part of my backyard is still quite a jungle.  I can't see my pathway anymore.  My plan for next week is to try to gain control back here again.

I just "play" at gardening but have enjoyed the onions this year.  You might remember seeing them growing in a planter.

I used these in some soup I made the morning of the surgery. I don't know what I was thinking this morning when I tried to eat cereal, as usual. It didn't work at all!  Maybe the soup will be easier. I am going right now to give it a try.



  1. Beautiful yard! I hope you heal soon and can get back to "living". Pain free that is.

  2. I hope those 'coons leave it alone. Boy, what a treat it would be for them!?!?! Am I missing something, Betty? Why are you involved in so many destination weddings? Dish, please!

  3. You seem to be up to all sorts of things! Hope you're doing well! Your green garden is so beautiful. That looked to be a lovely wedding. I didn't spot your email but want to tell you to pin away! I appreciate you asking. I don't Pin. That's why you couldn't find me thre! I must be the only one. SO nice you stopped by! take care!

  4. As always, I love your gardens and lush and beautiful. We are going through another drought with record breaking temps so I am envious. :)
    The wedding looks beautiful. Very laid back and fun I'm sure.


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