Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn in the Dining Room.........

............I haven't posted the dining room fall look yet so, here it is. This is a  very small space but always filled to overflowing, no matter what season. 

Starting on the wall above one of the two buffets is this shelf which gets changed out with the changing seasons.  Extending beautiful wishes is a place card that I have used several times on the Thanksgiving table - one for each place setting.

The shelf always has two plates and these two do well for autumn.  And, the sparkling twigs are good at this season, too.  Speaking of sparkling, when I was much younger I would look at glitz and sparkles in decor, jewelry etc. and think, "only an old lady would like something gaudy like that"!  Now, that I am old all the gaudy stuff seems to have disappeared! *wink* *wink* ;)
I have loved having these glass vases for many years - this short one and......

.......a taller one.  They are less than an inch wide and about four inches across. They are solid except for the round "bow" part. I remember they were purchased on Park Avenue, Winter Park all those years ago. I am surprised that I still have them because they fall over very easy and have done so many times.

Just below the shelf I have tucked an autumn napkin in the menu holder.

On the left end of the buffet.  
More "sparkly" around a favorite candlestick which was a birthday gift from a friend awhile back.

The pumpkin stack that I made last year. I never did sew them together as they are easier to store individually and stay put without being attached.

The Christmas Shop had these half off ($5) a few weeks back. With my two and the ones my daughter has either one of us can have one at each place setting if we want to emphasis a nice dessert.  We have several tabletop items that we both invested in to "pool".
Pretty cupcakes look great in these.

A mixture of fake and real acorns in a Johnson Brothers small bowl.
My ornate crown took on a festive fall look.
On the wall above the other buffet, a Johnson Brothers square plate and cup. They made square plates before square was popular. Shadows are making the wall paint look a little strange but it is nice solid Kakai Shade, by Sherwin Williams.

Starting now on buffet #2 you see fall-looking table confetti under glass.

Here is my green velvet pumpkin and glass grapes which were new features last year.

Fall napkins and a bead adorned spreader in a cut glass dish. I won the spreader in a bunco game.

I can almost taste the homemade bread and herb butter!!!


  1. I love seeing how your decor changes from season to season. How blessed you are to have an "eye" for it and the ability to do it. Lovely!

  2. I love the way you have decorated your home. Wish I had an eye for it.

  3. Betty, so beautiful! I hope you consider linking this post to the SPARK Linky party I'm guest hosting this month. You can find the link on this past week's What I Made Wednesday at feel LOVD everyday:-)

  4. Lovely. I love your Johnson Brothers plate and cup!! Perfect for the fall decor.


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