Tuesday, October 16, 2012

September Girls Celebration.........


..........I am running behind with posting this. I was waiting to get a picture of the five of us (which I never got) who for years have celebrated our September birthdays with a special breakfast or brunch.  This year, once again it was a wonderful brunch prepared by Lynda. Since I didn't take my camera and didn't get the group picture, and the one taking pictures wasn't shown at all, I am going to proceed with what I do have.............

Lynda's beautiful table.  The glasses contain yummy strawberry smoothies.

If I had taken pictures I would have made close-ups of the neat things on her table. Lynda is all about details and that is what makes her table settings so special. Of course, the food was absolutely outstanding.
Here I am ready to hand out my gifts to the other four.
This is what I started with, instead of a bag. I got baskets at The Christmas Shop, half off.  I tied a mesh ribbon and a sprig of mums on each one to dress them up a little.

I gathered up several little items for my gift to the sweet ladies. Here is a mug rug, filled with spices which give a fall fragrance as the hot mug rests on it.

A little bottle with dangling fall charms also came from The Christmas Shop.
A homespun bag which was going to be filled with a baked item. Unfortunately the baking didn't get done and I had to go with plan B - a large German chocolate Candy bar purchased on the way to the celebration.
One of the little bags filled with fresh lavender from The Lavender Shop in my hometown of Jonesborough, Tennessee.  Some of you have seen some of these pictured on here before as I made a lot of them to give away earlier in the summer.
For Sarah
Each got one of the tags I have also made lots of for little gifts.

For Lynda

For Patsy
For Berry
When I got everything gathered up and ready I placed them in the baskets....
....and, used fall leaves like tissue paper to cover up the gifts.
Multiples are usually more impressive than a single.
I regret not remembering to take pictures of the really nice gifts from the other ladies before I scattered them out, ate one, etc!

The September Girls birthday celebration has become a very special time in the year. It is a pleasure to wish a happy birthday to such special ladies!  To see last years post go here -


  1. How beautiful...

  2. That is so great! The "September Girls" and the gift basket. I know I use the word lovely a lot, but you do such lovely things :-)

  3. The gift baskets are especially nice! Bet your Sept birthday friends were pleased!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. I'm the lucky one, blessed with so many good friends!

  5. What sweet gifts! I think baskets (or bags) filled with little treasures are the best. The items are unique and, often times, reflect the receiver's personality...such as the tags that you made. I'm sure they were thrilled. I know I would be ;)


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