Friday, November 2, 2012

Another Garden Walk.........

.....From here on until spring my garden pictures will seem out of season to a lot of viewers unless we get a bad killing frost or freeze.  But, as of now, there is a big variety of blooming things.

This first one does have somewhat of an autumn look because of its color.  This is a mexican sunflower or Tithonia - yellow torch.  See the two bees?

It was about six inches tall when my friend gave it to me and now its tallest part is about seven feet.  I sure am glad I knew it grew tall when I selected its place in the yard!
Last week during the extremely windy days I thought it would end up on the ground but it is still quite upright.
This is a new plant to me. I am not sure how long it will stay in bloom or what happens after it blooms.  I was begining to wonder if it would reach heaven without blooming! But, here it is in all its blooming glory! It is not a very pretty plant so it may be one of those that just needs to be cut down after it blooms.  It sure does attract insects. The bees love it and this is a moth of some kind.  It never would spread its wings for me to get a better picture.

Most of the roses continue to bloom.  With the cooler weather they will have bigger blossoms and most will bloom off and on through the winter.
Purple is one of my favorite colors for the garden. Have I told you that before? I believe I may have. This purple angelonia and the foliage of flax lily are a good pairing.  The flax lily looks so much better this year after the long hot summer and the reason for it is because we got so much rain. 

Down the sidewalk you see these two periwinkles.  Actually, they were there last week and gone today - no sign of them.  Someone must have gotten tired of stepping around or over!  Or perhaps they thought they would take away the risk of me being sued if someone stumbled and hurt themselves?

I miss them*****

This chartreuse potato vine is still going strong.


Back over on the sunny side of the house and looking across one of the raised beds.  The blooming mint marigold (florida tarragon) is in the ground between the beds. Through it you can see some basils, thyme, just a glimpse of cilantro.

In the back, to the right of the rabbit is a tomato plant.
On around in the back, this is what I see outside of my dining room window.  I love seeing the iron chair and chartreuse coleus.  Before today is done I want to cut several sprigs off and start them across the path in the same location.  That's all that is needed - cut them and stick them in the ground and keep them watered.

In the same area is this blue ginger (not a ginger).

By the time this plant blooms the foliage is always looking ugly.  At least that is the way mine behaves.

And, a single shrimp plant shrimp.
I could show about twenty-five more pictures but I realize no one gets the same thrill that I do!  Hope I haven't already gone over the limit. As always, I really appreciate your stopping by!
O.K. I'm adding one more picture - just can't wait! I discovered a very creative insect has been enjoying my garden!


  1. Are you kidding! Going over the limit! Our gardens are done for the year and I love seeing other peoples flowers! Gets me through the winter!

  2. Thank you, Teresa. You looked very quickly after I posted. I have been going back and forth correcting spelling mistakes. I had several in this one! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I love that Mexican sunflower. So bright and pretty! Does potato vine bloom? I'm really liking the color chartreuse here lately so am curious about its habits. Don't worry about putting too many pictures in a post. Those of us who follow your blog love seeing them :-)

    1. Thanks, Joanne. The potato vine doesn't bloom, at least not enough to be noticed. Here, it grows like your luffa plant did! I don't need blooms when I can have colors like it and some of the other non-bloomers.


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