Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life....close up....... life, that is. This will be some of my favorite recently taken pictures.......not much talk, this time.

This makes it look like I am being swallowed up by plants.  It is not quite a bad in person as it looks here.

They are getting BIG - the insects in my garden!  A Christmas gift from my friend Jean Webber, made by her husband, John.

One of my favorite sayings. The plaque is also a Christmas gift from friends from England.

A great philosophy of life! Another gift - from my niece Sheron in a secret relative game my family played.

Staghorn fern once the property of the same friend, John Webber. I was the blessed recipient of many nice things when the Webbers moved to their condo! There was no place in the condo for this huge plant and many other things.

Who says you can't hang three glass balls in a tree!

A favorite shady view.

A stationary gate. Recently, a large limb fell and knocked the round, glass plaque to the ground but it didn't break.  It has been hanging here for many years since the time I won it at a Rose Society meeting.

The colorful plant on the other side of the "gate" is a ginger.

I must have been proud of this area after I had spent a lot of time raking and cleaning it up. I took several pictures!  Now, I need to do some painting.

Same with this, I had taken it from dark with mold (it happens so quickly, here) to a better look.

This is the tall pot where we watched the pineapple grow. The pineapple plant is now gone. I am not sure if this nandina plant will work out - it may turn out to be too upright for the pot. The colors work good for this area right now.

Thank you for looking and hurry back.


  1. You are so lucky to have such generous friends. Your friend's husband, John, is very talented. Beautiful dragonfly, for sure.

    1. Yes, I sure am blessed with many generous friends. And, being able to spend time with them is the best blessing of all.

  2. As always, your flower garden looks lovely. I really like the dragonfly!!


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