Sunday, January 13, 2013

Up and Running With Pictures Again......

......As some of you know, I suddenly was unable to upload pictures to post on here.  After looking at "blogger chatter" about this problem, I decided to follow the suggestion to switch from Goggle to Goggle Chrome. Now, I will tell you I am so not confident to trek through the unknown of computer land!  I don't know the language or how to do much of anything and I was afraid I would be presented with a choice(es) somewhere in the process and not have a clue what to do. Afraid I would destroy what I had (regardless of it not working) and not be able to get back to where I had come from! Well, down loading Goggle Chrome turned out to be a one click adventure!  How to use it and move old Goggle out of the way was a bit harder.  But, with a little help here I am!   And, with more options to work with. As I click my way along, my posts may be a bit wonky but I hope to do better soon.

Have you ever looked at something for years and yet have not really seen it?  I am that way with some things. And, that is why this large framed print, which has been hanging in my sitting room for years, was chosen to start this post. I was surprised to realize that I have never featured it here. It has been a favorite of mine but, last week as I was rearranging the table that it hangs above, I stood and studied it for awhile.  Had I described it, without looking, before, I would have said I like the colors, which are few.  I love the Victorian clothes he is wearing, he is looking up and he is blowing bubbles. This day I noticed he seems to have a sad look on his face, It almost looks like he is in a dark, closed in area but there are clay pots at his feet, which I had never seen. What looks like a window in his background is a reflection of my t.v. Does anyone have any information about the painting - name?, painters name?

This is the little table that the picture hangs over. And, you might have seen it many times, but not with these things on it. You knew this is what you would get after Christmas, didn't you? The same spaces with slightly different looks?  I think I am in a rut with my "show and tell" on here.  And, need to work a little harder to present some different subjects. We will see as the year goes on.

Same open book, with a new opening,  moved from the desk shelf to here.  The large bird has also flown in from another location.

 I guess the saying would only be true if the book is garden themed? Which many of mine are.

This heavy, metal, bird candle holder is holding one big blackberry.  Way more interesting than a candle

Now, to show the desk shelves one more time.

Left top: I just now discovered, this is not the picture I meant to use. The box with the butterfly got straightened up and shows better. But I am treading too softly with the new system to change it now - this will be good enough.

Top right.

Middle left.

Middle right.
  The piece with the butterfly is a box standing on end.  This is a new purchase from Home Goods.

Bottom left.

Bottom right.
The little girl is still dragging her basket but has picked up some frosted winter fruit.

This shot shows the big bird which was hiding behind the potted plant in a picture you saw above.

I am so glad to be able to share once again. I hope you are going forth in this new year with faith, hope and high expectations for a very good year.


  1. Love it! Betty, I wish, I wish, I wish I had your eye! I put stuff together, and it just looks like, well, a bunch of stuff shoved on a shelf. :)

    The painting? I got lucky. Go here.

    1. Jackie, sometimes I do a good bit of shuffling around before mine looks good. Thank you so very much for looking up the painting! Now, I love mine more than ever. Sure wish it were an original. ha.

  2. So glad you are back up and running! It is so nice for me to re-visit your home through your blog!

  3. I enjoyed the pictures as usual you have a gifted eye for placement of "stuff". DH


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