Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Front Yard..........

...........I have been working hard this week all around the yard and took a lot of pictures but, will show the front area only in this post........

So come, walk around the front yard with me.  This flag actually says, welcome. Just as I took the picture the strong breeze took away the "wel".  I decided this week that the snowman flag looked a bit silly in our eighty degree weather and switched to this one.

This rose bush is in bloom almost all year round. I cannot say enough good things about little ducher - pronounced "do-shay".

Not a lot of color in the front except the snapdragons sure have been doing their part.

Also, potted coleus provide a nice patch of color.  But, do you see what I see across the street in my neighbor's yard?

A wild turkey!!! 

Two wild turkeys!!!  They live in the woods straight beyond where we see them here. I have been seeing or hearing them most every day lately.  I keep hoping I will find them in my yard and even put out some corn to lure them but, so far, the squirrels are dinning better than usual and, at least when I have been looking, no turkeys. There are usually eight when they come through. The other six had flown over the fence and to the shelter of the trees by the time I could get close enough to snap these.

But, back to the color in my yard.

Ornamental cabbage.

This is a new bowl of moss.  I am hoping it will spread to the edge and over the sides. I have tried some before and was not very successful keeping it looking good for very long.

A new plant I bought last week called tibouchina. This tropical is common here but gets cold damage easy so I have never tried one before.  It can get to be a fairly large bush if it doesn't freeze.

The North Carolina birdhouse looked good with the sun-play this morning.  It has lost it's finial and I need to replace it. 

I took time this week to clorox several things and this angel is one of them. He looked pitifully moldy before! It doesn't take long for things to get covered with mold here - inside and out.

This is probably a picture only it's owner would appreciate but I'm showing it anyway. I love what is here but it is more about where it came from and how it got here to my yard. The pot of euphorbia blooms constantly.

The rocks have meaning only because of where they came from. I have told you before but for the new viewers - five came to America from a little village in England. They traveled in my daughter's backpack. The big round one was from my other daughter and came from Indiana. Do you see the little well in the middle. It might have been used by an Indian.  I bought the grey one from a flea market in Pennsylvania, also said to be an Indian tool.

The bricks are here also because of their former homes. The moss covered one from the woods near my sister's house in Tennessee and the other one from a street in Sanford, Fl, close to where I live.  The big moss covered rock is from a friend's former property.
I have so many new yard pictures but will save the others for other posts. 


  1. I wish my yard looked that good in the winter!

    1. Mine doesn't always. I have not had any damaging frost or any freeze this year.

  2. So colorful! Most everything is drab around here so it is nice to see the pictures of your yard. I'm just recently seeing how pretty ornamental cabbage is.

    1. We had a great summer for growing and so far winter is too. If we have a freeze in the next four weeks I think I will Cry!

    2. Looks good for the winter...DH

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