Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter~~~~Cold and Austere?

Here in central Florida? Not so much. We have had some really cold air and last week a damaging frost but not bad enough to leave lasting damage. By the way things look outside, it could be summer time. The brown that is there could be blamed on drought. The air on a lot of days is warm and yesterday while working in the yard I got hot. So, in order to make it seem like winter inside, I decorate a little more in the direction of stark.

I suppose the big, red tomato on the kitchen window sill doesn't help, but I think the empty peat pots and white pitcher does.

And, after I ate the big tomato that I was so proud of growing (it isn't easy here) this large, old, flower frog and a paper bird leans in the direction of bleak.

The bird is cut from embossed card stock which is hard to notice in this picture but that makes it look better than plain would.

At the first of the year this frosty fruit was brought out of storage for the dinning room table centerpiece.  It looks like winter! 

A glass sherbet stemware dish with a saucer and white candle on top goes well with the centerpiece.

A scattering of some of my small tea accessories lends interest and adds to the "cold" look.  Why I want a cold look is a mystery, even to me, since I dislike cold air, very much. But, there is a lot about me that is hard to figure!
After the preceding pictures were made, I added this "sweater" to the candles. The "sweater" came around a set of four napkins.  I knew when I bought them that there would be some way to use the "sweater".  Of course, I would never leave the candle lit with them in place!
Hot tea, winter and cold go together in my way of thinking. We won't try to tell the British that, though, with hot tea being the drink of choice, year round.



I have heard Patsy Clairmont speak several times and used her book and other tea books to give the tea time feel on the side board. If you ever have the opportunity to hear her, I urge you to do so! She has a lot to share and is soooooooooo funny!


Tall lady sure seems to enjoy her cup of tea! Go brew a good cup of tea for yourself  and enjoy this nice winter day, whether your weather is hot or cold.
Live in each season as it passes; breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit. Thoreau


  1. I have never seen tea-cups displayed as you display yours. Very unique.

    1. Thank you for looking, Deb. And, for taking the time to comment. I have a lot of cups/saucers and this is a good way to show many of them.

    2. Betty, so enjoy your blog. How you enjoy everything that is beautiful and homey. You have given me so much inspiration on how to enjoy my retirement as I too filled my home with beautiful things and every day enjoy spending time there.
      Cold here in Pa as well, but looking forward to spring, the bulbs are coming out of the ground.

  2. Loved the post. I had green tea last evening.

    1. Thanks, Lola for being a faithful follower. I am glad you enjoy the blog.

  3. Betty - I enjoy your blog so much. I enjoyed the last one you posted and occasionally review the old ones. Why don't you write a book just like your blog?

  4. Wanda, I am so glad you are looking and enjoy my blog. I don't think I have enough continuity of interesting things to ever write a book.



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