Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Kitchen - maybe a bit more frenchy.........

.......When I first moved  to my little house, almost nine years ago, I wanted the kitchen to have a french country look...........

I had to mostly use things I already had and really didn't focus or work hard to bring that about but, over the years it has taken on a bit of a french-country look. This towel, I found at Home Goods just after Christmas, helps to promote the french feel, don't you think? It is hanging on the oven door.

This corner is arranged with some of the same old things I had before and also a few other things that I have rotated to this spot. Maybe I should paint the brown cabinet white?

I brought the sewing machine drawers out of storage and I like them standing on end.

I have never used the big crown in the kitchen before. 

The wire basket with linens and balls of twine has a European look to me.

This little chair on the wall stays pretty much the same, year after year except for Christmas time.

Anita Bryant's high chair.

Little shelf, also the same.

On the table under the little shelf.

The ducks don't venture out very far from under the table.  I know some of my things are just plain out of style but, I still like them, partly because of who they bring to mind. I still remember that shopping day, in Georgia many years ago, when I saw this pair and Bob Courtney tried to convince me that I didn't need them! His giving me a hard time didn't change a thing - I got them!

The chickens have shed their holiday wreaths and one got up on her soap box, making a speech.  Her box was a Christmas gift.

The rooster plate and mug was in the box, a gift from a great long-time friend, Sarah. The old canning jar got moved from the big shelf to this spot.

Adding to the French look?

This group seems quite content to hang out under the antique stool.

On down the counter top sits my olive oil jug. French looking?

A Pinterest inspired cutie - a bird nest in a small ladle. I cut a small length of twine and took the strands apart before shaping a tiny nest.  The eggs are three little glass beads. And, here it hangs on the wall. You never know what you might see hanging on my walls! After I have this all on here I'm thinking I might have shown this in another post. On well, here it is again.
Thank you for hanging in for the winter kitchen tour. The time is fast approaching for a Spring look. Easter is not far off and I'm sure I will make a few changes which I will feel compelled to show.


  1. Your kitchen is full of things you love. I hope you don't paint the cabinet. Enjoy!

  2. Nice, Betty! I would not paint the brown cabinet white-- if you want to paint it I think I would use chalk paint in either gray or blue. Just an idea.....

  3. I enjoyed your tour....don't paint the cabinet...well, I should say, I hope you don't. I like the warmth of the wood against the rest of the white.
    I am interested in knowing where you found the doily on the pitcher with the beads...did you make it???


    1. Ceekay, Thank you for visiting. I asked a friend that crochets to add the edging with beads to a doily that I had. It is a copy of what people did many years ago to keep flies out of pitchers, etc.

  4. So much cheer surrounds you in your frenchy kitchen! I love that Eiffel tower towel. The lace on the pitcher really caught my eye too! Loads of charm!


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