Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enjoy the Little Things....

I hope you enjoy little things. Small things in size and small experiences of life.  If you connect the dots between all the little things, life will be fuller and more satisfying. Don't let them pass unnoticed.

Some small things in my life lately are more little pillows. If you missed the first ones I showed, you can click here and see the post.  I added this new one with the words and this one......

.....a red leaf.
And maybe my favorite now is this red key.

The three new ones were added to the big bowl of tiny pillows. It is now a full bowl!  But, I may work in a few more later.

This scene brought a smile to my face. I love the scattering of dropped petals from the arrangement I had on my front door on May Day. I brought it in to the butcher block table to enjoy inside.  I left these pretty little fallen petals for several days and enjoyed this as much as the fresh bouquet. Do you notice this kind of little thing? It doesn't need to be much of anything to bring pleasure, a small gesture, a small victory like a recipe you try and it turns out perfect or a returned smile from a stranger. Perhaps a little treat you give yourself...........

A tradition I have started as a little treat for myself is to get a specialty soda when I go to Millers Hardware store. I am not there often and I seldom drink sodas so this is a treat for me.  They have a wall full of sodas, all in glass bottles. Most of them I never see anywhere else - many bring memories of long ago. Like this Nehi grape. It was so good.

And, so was this lemon/lime Bubble Up. I already have my flavor picked out for next time. So, don't forget to notice and ..............
There are so many of them! Don't forget to take a smile with you everywhere you go.


  1. A sweet posting!~June

  2. Thanks, June I am glad you liked it.

  3. Your little embroidered pillows are adorable. The pretty fallen petals of your flowers reminded me of confetti. They looked like a celebration. It is fun to look for the little things that are lovely. I haven't had grape soda in years and could almost smell the aroma of grape soda just from looking at your picture.

    Happy Spring!
    Susie @ Persimmon Moon Cottage


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