Friday, May 31, 2013

Near the Mossy Bench............

...............One of my favorite places in the backyard is the area where my old mossy bench sits.  I liked it even better before two trees, that were located just behind the bench, died. One was a tall slender tree and the other one was short and bushy.  Together they made the bench area private, not showing at all from the side street.

I love this old moss covered bench! It is too weak to trust sitting on and the wood cannot last very much longer. I will miss the old wood when it must be replaced.

Early morning is my favorite time to set up the little table for a simple but special breakfast under the trees. I know some of these pictures are on the dark side but, they portray the look I see here.

The area is found just a few steps down this path and within sight of my back porch door. To the back of the table you will notice a very large camphor tree trunk with sprouts growing out of it.

Another view from the street side.

So, I have already gathered up most of what is needed (except for the food) and brought it out in one of my favorite baskets.
The basket is metal with an attached wooden rim and handle.

The rooster plate and mug are very suitable for early morning, just as the sun is rising.  Notice the moss on the bench in the background as it is being lit by the sun. I see three pine cones which have landed on it to give it more woodsy character.

You can see that I brought an extra set of silverware out and will grab the other things needed if you can hurry on over to join me!

I cut some fresh flowers for a quick arrangement to pretty up our table.

My agapanthus, one of my favorite flowers,  is finally blooming. It's common name is Lily of the Nile.  Mine is always a few weeks later than what I see blooming around town. 

I might have chosen some roses but, am saving all of those for a special arrangement I am making to 
   go in the local library tomorrow.  It might be the subject of my next post.   

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  1. I would love to join you in that special spot. Such pretty things, and i love your bench and table as well as the accoutrements you planned for us there and the pretty flowers, too.

    We had to recently replace our bench after it just rotted through. It was more expensive to try and fix it than to replace it so we bought a new one which I am actually quite in love with and have enjoyed using. There is nothing like a shady spot to enjoy some down time.

    Dropping by from Claudia's for a visit. Glad I stopped by!



  2. What a beautiful, secluded and charming area - the perfect place to indulge in some private time.

    I am so charmed by the mossy bench. Maybe it will hang there at bit longer? It's magical.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.



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