Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Down My Garden Path.......

I thought you might like to take a little walk down one of my garden paths. ......

There are several neat things to see along this short stone path ......

One thing is the wash of stones, shells and sea things.  A lot of this had sunk into the sand and most of the rest was covered with leaves until last week when I spent some time cleaning it up.

The assorted sea-glass shapes are once again visible.

Directly across the path you can see this bird bath. The birds have really been using both baths along this path.

I seldom see this kind of bird in my garden. I am guessing it is a finch. It is the same little bird that has been eating buds from my bridal wreath spirea bush.

A few steps on down the path, this has become a common sight.

I love seeing these little things! And, don't worry, the green you see on the glass feeder is not algae but reflections from the nearby leaves. I got concerned when I saw the close-up picture, thinking the sugar water had molded and went out to check.

This is one of my favorite pictures for this spring! I have not seen any males feeding here yet. I hope there are some nearby, somewhere.

If you have strolled down this path before you will remember this old water can and the Carolina Wrens busy building their nest.

They got their little nest all finished and here she is sitting cozily on at least two eggs. I couldn't tell whether or not there are more than two. 
I hope you enjoyed the short walk and soon I will take you on up the other side to see what is happening over there.


  1. I enjoyed walking down your garden path!

  2. That was a lovely stroll. The close up of the sea glass looks like candy! I don't remember the watering can. Is this the first year the wrens have built their nest? Do they have one in the flower box outside your dining room window, too?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I have had the watering can in this area but awhile back changed the position so it wouldn't collect water. They haven't built in the flower box since that one time.


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