Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just Before Spring.......

........We are heading towards the time to show some spring! Before the kitchen gets it's spring tweaking I am showing some of it's current look.

From across the room - showing the shelf wall.

And, on around the corner.

Back to the left and showing the  close-ups.

Below the little chair on the wall the high chair always sits here. I have enjoyed the little black chicken towel hanging on the chair.

Back up to the shelf and cabinet top.

The middle of the shelf and below.

In the corner. You may be thinking you have seen all these pictures before but you haven't. A lot of the small things were switched around with a few additions and subtractions.

The blue and white came out again after Christmas.

I don't know where the blue came from in this picture - it's not there in real life. Quite a bit of hot chocolate and tea has been enjoyed from the Sip and Savor basket. We are experiencing another very cool day, even though the sun is shining bright. This little spot might need to stay the same for awhile, even if bunny rabbits start showing up!

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  1. It's looking good! Can't wait to see it in person. So restful.


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