Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gems of June........

Due to a lot of very hot, rainy days my garden activity has slowed down. The garden, however, has not. It looks like a jungle out there!  I go out early in the day and work just enough to keep it as neat as possible and to enjoy the changes. There is always something to see that puts a special sparkle in every day.

I am seeing butterflies on a regular basis.

It's always amazing  how the brown, dead looking resurrection fern perks up in the rainy season.

Some of you have seen this pot with my little watchman hoping for a sign of new life. Well, just look what we saw early one morning a couple of weeks ago!  After months of waiting and watching - a new little leaf had appeared. Seeing this was definitely a gem for the morning.

It has been sitting in this area near my back porch door.  It appears to be a very slow grower. I think I will move it now to a spot where it will get a little more sun.

Some of the rains have included some high wind gusts and I have had a lot of debris to pick up, including small branches covered with lichen and some air plants.  They usually break when they hit the ground. I have saved a little pile. I suppose not many gardeners would call this a gem pile but, I like it.

This more recent picture shows a little growth in the new leaf. I am disappointed that the dots have faded. The dots are what I liked about the bush where the two leaves came from.

In the meantime, this dotted plant caught my eye in the grocery store, of all places. I have never seen this before and couldn't resist getting one. It is sitting in the dry creek bed and is doing good so far. It has an embossed look and the edges are ruffled.

Another new garden gem brought to me by my visiting niece and nephew. I love it here near the blue-eyed grass and caladiums. It looks right at home in my garden.

What a surprise this was. After years of being in the ground without blooming this is what I saw when I walked out one morning,

They are such a pretty shade of pink, almost salmon.

The stokes asters started blooming last week.

And last, one more vine of gloriosa lily is blooming.
I am wondering what this week will bring.


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