Saturday, June 28, 2014

Inside and Cool............

........Considering the rain, the heat and the mosquitoes, I have been staying inside most of the time.  And, since it has been a long time since I showed anything much from the inside, today is the day.........

First, the little half table in my sitting room with it's summer adornment.  There is really nothing new here and some of you have seen it before but this is the summer arrangement.

Right above the table is the little boy blowing bubbles picture.

I don't like taking inside pictures because the lighting is so difficult.

There is a lot on the table for it's size but these things look o.k. crowded together.

Now, in the kitchen this two-tier stand is new. It's half off price from Hobby Lobby made it a reasonable purchase.

I like it for holding fruit and vegetables.

My little grape tomatoes that I grew.

And, when I don't have fruit, these old stemware dishes......

I think these are from the fifties although the glass part looks like depression glass. I am not sure of the age period.

On the top tier is some of my tea time things.

Also new is this small oval dish.  I love it's size and the bird and chirp.

That gives you just a glimpse of what is going on inside this summer. 


Where are you hanging out through the hot weather?


  1. I think it is funny that there is a period at the end of CHIRP, as if there is nothing more to say.
    It never would have occurred to me to put bowls and tea things in a tiered basket. That is one of the reasons why your home is so interesting, unexpected things here and there.
    I suppose you will be indoors quite a lot over the next while since your summer will last so long. You needed the break! :-)

  2. Yes, a one word sentence. I thought it was different. I love everything about that little piece. It's hard to believe that it is July (almost) already. But, it will be a good while before we will have cool days again but, interests change and along about August/September it will seem like fall.

  3. Betty, I love those stemware dishes! They look just right for eating something cold while you are enjoying summer from the inside. (For sure, I'd be hibernating inside during a Florida summer!)

    I, too, think your "chirp" plate is charming. :)


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