Friday, November 14, 2014

Florida Fall Foliage......

........Central Florida fall is not what you typically expect for a fall presentation. It can be pretty, none the less. I am choosing to show just some of the many pictures I made yesterday in my garden.......

Milk weed blooms in pretty fall colors and is one of the reasons I have butterflies most of the year.
I didn't realize when I bought the Cat Whiskers plant how many things would be thanking me.  I have seen humming birds, bees, moths, and butterflies feeding from it.

I chased this one around from bush to bush.


A tropical, but I think it has been waiting for cooler weather and has more flowers and buds than it had all summer.


I have wild coffee plants scattered all around in the backyard.

They are at their best right now with so many berries which last about all winter.

This one is a shiny leafed variety with fewer but larger and darker berries.
Pretty fall colors on this plant in a basket.

A large clump of these are just developing their seed balls which will be about a half inch in size. After that all the leaves drop off, leaving three/four feet tall stems with just the white balls. I like all phases of this plant. If you don't take time to intercept the seed balls before they fall you will have hundreds more coming up.

Shrimp Plant

My big Tibouchina bush full of blossoms.

A few small blooms hanging on here.

Mexican Bachelor Buttons grow and bloom year round.

This coleus cannot be beat for giving fall colors.
Yes, not typical in most people's eyes but it is about now that my appreciation for Florida heightens! The first big freeze is covering most of the states.  Stay warm and enjoy the indoors.


  1. Like always I love your pictures. We are at about 16 degrees right now so no flowers (or many plants) outside for us! With the scenery around here now I forget that some people still have flowers! How lucky are you???

    1. Thank you for continuing to look. I'm glad that it is a pleasure for you. Just now came in from taking a lot more pictures which (some) will be shown later.


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