Monday, November 17, 2014

A Last Look at Autumn Inside...........

 One more look at fall in my house, mostly from the kitchen.  I am ready to get on with Christmas!


There is never a better time to light up the candles than at this time, even in central Florida. And, nothing adds more warmth to the decorated feel, in my opinion, unless you are lucky enough to have a fireplace.
And, don't you agree that it is a good time for using things from the past like crockery, old, well worn kitchen utensils and hand made linens. I enjoyed making a few of these towels several years ago. The spoons look like they have stirred many pots of soup or jelly.

 Here is my goofy turkey towel. He is the only turkey I will see in my kitchen this year.  For the second year in a row I will not be cooking for Thanksgiving.
   I love how the ribbon feathers are loops, hanging loose. The ones across the bottom are all individual too and only sewed at the top.

I have really enjoyed this little vignette this year. The picture is shadowy because of the flash so it is hard to appreciate the twine pumpkin. You are seeing through it to the leaves underneath.

A sweet little welcome sign hanging on the pantry door.

I have shown my white apron that hangs on the kitchen door many times but, I always make a little seasonal change.  This time it was changing the ribbon and adding a sprig of bittersweet to the pocket.

Grayson the rooster's wife (I have forgotten her name) is all decked out with a fall wreath. Wait until you see how they dress up for Christmas.

This is what it is all about - the bliss of autumn!

This is actually a partridge in a pear tree but since it looks very fall-like I use it now.

Showing one of three burlap ties with fall leaves that decorates the rolled cloth window blind.

Now, for a few shots taken in my sitting room.  I found this crocheted turkey piece in a local antique store and thought it was quite unique.  Having an excess of red pillows, I attached him onto one of those. He only gets to be out in the fall.

If you have been following the blog long this might look familiar. It is exactly like it was last year. I made the stacked pumpkins but bought the polka dot one.

The other things I have out for fall have been shown so many times I decided to skip those this year. If you missed the first post I did of fall this year, you might want to go look at it here.  The next pictures you see from inside will be Christmas. Can you believe it is almost Christmastime???  I have a lot of work to do before I start showing any of it.


  1. The rooster's wife looks as if she is wearing a fall tutu. That made me chuckle. This year I am saving real pumpkin stems to make fabric ones next year. That's the plan anyway. The only decorating I did this year was the pallet wood sign near the front door.

  2. Are you getting the stems from pumpkins you grew? That would be so neat. You did a great job on the sign. I hadn't thought of it being a tutu. But, now that you mention it.........

  3. Your autumn decorations are so warm and cozy! I love the pear in your favorite vignette. And I agree with you about warms up everything!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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