Friday, February 6, 2015


A small breeze wafts gently through the sky

Nudging puffy clouds forward with a silent sigh.

Incredible beauty in the circle of time

A keepsake in my heart a gift from God, sublime.

Laura Jackson

I love to see the clouds in the sky.  I doubt there are any prettier anywhere than what we have in central Florida.


We have huge, puffy, snow white cumulus clouds in the bluest of blue skies! And often down so low it seems I could reach up and gather some puff.

Most of the photographs I am showing were taken from my yard.

I have very tall trees in the backyard and sometimes I sit on a garden bench and look almost straight up and study the sky outlined with tree limbs.

One day last year looking out through the dining room window I noticed this almost perfect large heart shaped frame with the sky showing through.

It stayed that way for weeks and I must have taken fifty pictures or more, a few each week.
 The foliage from smaller trees in front of the beautiful sky makes a very pretty view.

An unusual day with not a cloud in the sky but at 3:00 in the afternoon, a very visible moon!

Pretty blue and white through my tall pine tree.

Taken from my car one day while waiting at a red light.  It was a most unusual-looking sky that morning.......

.........with this type of small clouds as far as I could see.

This is not an unusual sight, especially on a summer afternoon - storm clouds gathering.
I hope you have enjoyed the clouds in my sky, Now let's end with a little song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.
 Altogether now...............Sing


  1. Clouds are interesting to me, too. Not in a scientific way, but in a calming "what shape is that?" sort of way. I love the heart-shaped peep into the sky!

  2. Love it. Use to lie on my back when a child & see what the clouds looked like. Miss that.

  3. Nice pictures and post! I love seeing the moon in daylight too and also the big puffy clouds. (although this winter we've had way too many days with the dark, gray, foggy clouds, but not one decent snow!)

  4. Very pretty scenes! I, too, love the heart-shaped view!


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