Monday, February 2, 2015

January Garden......

Looking at the big picture, in the middle of winter, the garden is not what could be called beautiful. Actually, that can probably be said for most of the year. But, there are many spots here and there that are very pretty and photogenic......

The Peggy Martin rose has taken another blooming spell. She starts quite insignificantly with tiny buds and develops into large clusters of magnificence! And, they last and last.

Being so near the ever-blooming purple Tibouchina doesn't hurt the overall look.

Old Blush is a trooper all year long but puts forth larger and more blooms in our cooler weather. 

In the far back yard the owl box I made a few years back and put up as high as I could dare to climb is now on the ground.  I know I am strange, but since it never had any bird nest in it and is now decaying, I like it here leaning on the tree for the rest of it's days, as a backdrop for the berries.

I just have to aim towards this fake bird house once in awhile from way across the yard and get one more zoomed in picture.  It amazes me that the scaling paint continues to cling to it. It was already like this when it was bought about twenty-five years ago.  I love the look.

Something else that I can't resist putting in the spotlight quite often. He seems to love being in the spotlight, too.

Big ears doesn't seem to mind one bit! And neither do I.


Out front this azalea bush started blooming in December just on one side.  They bloom on old wood and I have to trim the daylights out of it because of where it is located so I am surprised that it bloomed at all.

As you can see it, along with other things in this area,  needs to be whacked way back again which will hopefully happen soon. A second bush in the backyard has just started to bloom and is full of buds.  It will no doubt be pictured in the next post from the garden.


Bright pink snapdragons brighten up the front bed. 


Several clumps of these among the snapdragons have also been pretty but not as much right now.  Wouldn't you know, I have the hardest time keeping anything, including grass, looking good right in front of the house! I think I need a truckload of good soil dumped here and then maybe things would grow better.

I try to keep several potted plants looking good out here.  This one took a real turn for the worst back in the fall but has made a nice recovery.



  1. Beautiful. Thank you for posting pictures of your flowers. I look through mine, but it is so nice to see flowers that are happening now for other people. It will be awhile for us in Wi yet. But the sky today is the bluest I have seen for awhile!

  2. Thanks, Teresa. Now is your time to look at the catalogs and possibly do some journaling? When your plants are at their best mine will be getting burned up in the heat.

  3. It is so nice to see color and life on your blog when everything here is frozen and blah. I'm so done with cold weather (and we've only really just begun!)

  4. We really have had a mild winter again and only have about four weeks to be concerned about a hard frost or freeze. I am really hoping we will be spared again.


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