Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Flowers of April - Wordless Wednesday

Spring has been so pretty this year. I have enjoyed more blooms than I have ever had at any one time. After working very hard the yard is in a neat place. Butterflies are abundant. Although it is beginning to really heat up here, the weather has been so pleasant. The biggest aggravation has been dealing with an abundance of lubber grasshoppers.  Of course I have the same plants that I have shown to you many times and you can probably tell me what they are all called so, I decided to make this a "Wordless Wednesday and very few words......


Bridal Wreath Spirea and red Salvia





Pincushion flower and Basil


Eyelash Begonia blossoms

A new White Plumbago


Outside wall hanging

Blooming Ginger bush

Yellow Bulbine

Florida Dogwood




Walking Iris
I will be back soon with more spring flowers.


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