Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shelves Done For Spring.......

Here I am showing the shelves of the white desk once more. This is one place that I change for different seasons. I packed up most of what was on the three shelves for the after Christmas, winter look and brought out some spring-looking décor.

I failed to get a picture of all three shelves together. This is the top and middle. I had to use the flash and got a lot of shadows and not the best quality photographs.

This one shows the middle and bottom shelves. Some of the things will look familiar to some of you.  I almost always use open books here, turned to appropriate seasonal pictures.

One of the open books with a bird looking on.  Birds and bird nests are a favorite to put on display for spring.  This year I left out some of the smaller birds and chose some chunky ones.

I love this picture of the lady. She looks all decked out for Easter. Speaking of Easter, I did the least decorating for Easter this year than any time I can remember.  Seems like it just sneaked up on me until it was so late I felt like it wasn't worth the effort. Especially since I was not having anyone here for Easter.
And, here on the far right the moss basket with some simple ivy.  It seemed like the ivy fit in well with the look of the lady.

Here is most of what is on the middle shelf.

In the far left corner one of the fat birds. Some of you have seen it over and over.
In the middle the big S on some stacked books.  I manage to use the big S in most of the seasons. S is for my last name or for Spring.

She almost always keeps her place through most of the seasons, too. She is always dragging her basket but the contents of the basket changes. This time a big green butterfly and a hydrangea flower.

A new chunky bird in this corner.  He was a Christmas present this year. This  little blue bird looks cute here.

I use very little artificial plants/flowers but, this one seems to work well with the other things I have. And, here on the bottom is the other big bird.

The second open book showing a nice nest with eggs. In front of the book, one of my favorite bird nests.

In the far right corner a spring-like ball. It is hard to see the details and I don't know how to describe it so you could envision. Just take my word for it, it is neat and made me think of spring when I saw it in Michaels. Did you notice the two dragonflies on the book? I love dragonflies and I am seeing so many in my yard this year. You will be seeing pictures of some of those as time goes on.

This is not on the desk but is on a nearby table. I guess some would call these Easter eggs but for me they will represent spring and stay on for awhile after Easter.

I have quite a few Easter rabbits but he is one of the two that I got out this year.

And, this little pillow with a rabbit that my friend made for me is the other one.  You can see here a little bit of a small quilt I have been working on and plan to do a whole post showing details of it - when I get it finished. This is something I hope to work on after it turns too hot to be outside much.
I have mostly been spending my days outside lately, working in the yard and enjoying our beautiful spring. I have lots of yard pictures already made and will be showing some of those just as soon as I can get a post ready. 


  1. Aw, you put out the bunny pillow! Happy Spring!!

    1. Yes, he will stay out until fall. I just went back and changed the wording of this one at several places. I have a hard time putting forth enough time and interest to do them lately.


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