Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A New Potting Table........

...........Ever since seeing a picture of a potting table made with two pallets, I have wanted one.  And, now I have it!  My daughter helped me get the pallets and I hauled them home and did the work.  I am pleased with how it turned out and it helps to make an ugly wall less ugly.........

Between the little patio just outside my screened porch and the short wall was a neglected narrow strip of soil, overgrown with Boston ferns and a small, somewhat dilapidated, wood and metal trellis.  Nothing to detract from the unattractive wall. 
First, I filled all cracks, small holes and seams with wood filler. I bought a cup size thinking I would have some left over. It took all of it and about half of a second one, not so much for a smooth look  but to make it as moisture tight as possible. Wood out in our moist climate will not last long. Painting this thing was a real chore, I'm telling you!  Pallets have two sides of open boards and getting the inside of the boards painted was no easy task.  That was needed for the look as well as again, trying to preserve the wood.  I ended up with paint all over me including in my hair. After painting I positioned the two back to back and secured them together on the sides with a narrow metal strip with holes for screws.  After pulling up all the ferns I put three 16 inch stepping stones over the ground where the structure stands. That was for securing a level place and also to keep the wood from standing on wet soil.  After getting it in place the next thing was to put three stepping stones (12") on the top.  The weight of those helps to hold the unit in place.  If I had children around (with a tendency to climb) I would want to secure it better. With everything in place including a new plant in the ground to the right, I thought I would enjoy sitting in this little area and borrowed a chair from another part of the garden.

As you can see here, the remaining soil got covered with mini-pine bark.  It is a pleasant area now and I have been sitting at least a little while most every day.
Do you see the two yard stakes with glass candle holders near the azalea bush?  I brought them out from the garage for use here. The little iron bird piece with hooks has been on this wall for years with the little garden tools hanging on it. It was perfect for above the new unit, as to placement and subject - no change needed.  The pallets I used are a little smaller than the average. It was fairly easy for me to handle myself and carry from inside the screen porch to it's place.
Now to show you what I see as I rest in the chair on the patio.  This is off to the left, zoomed a little so the old tree stump is farther away than it appears here.
A little more to the right.  Notice the huge staghorn fern hanging in the tree.

On over again. The big bird nest fern has been in the ground here for many years. I think I have made the same statement about the fern on here before but, it is unusual to have one in ground and to last so long.
A close-up of one of my favorite garden ornaments, newly cloroxed, I might add. Everything molds here!
Straight out from the patio.
Close-up of the stationary "gate" and plants.

 A few more close-ups and we will be finished.



The two candle holders. I need to get some citronella candles.
So, now you've seen my newest project and it's surroundings. I will be back before long to show another new yard treasure. It is already in place.


  1. I love the potting table! I have some pallets that might just have found their new life!!! :-) Stewart will be glad to have them out of the shed and I will be glad to have a work station.

  2. What a well-loved, garden! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for looking, Ann. I really love gardening and at my age it gives me more than enough exercise!

  3. Clever you, constructing that potting table! With all of your other additions to the area, you have created quite a cozy, pretty corner!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. It was worth the effort. My "stay inside more" season is here. I noticed we will hit 90 degrees for several days in a row now, I hope to spend more time looking at and responding to good blog posts, like yours. You are so faithful to do yours consistently.


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