Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A View of My Shady Oasis.........

I am the "queen" of close-up photos and seldom take a picture across the yard. I usually don't like the ones I do take, mainly because of no depth perception everything looks like a jumbled blur and a mess. But, I decided to show a few of the shady back yard where I spend most of my time when I am outside.  Starting just outside the screened porch door and looking slightly to the left......

 .......where the stepping stone path begins and turns to the left across the back of the yard.

There is quite a little incline and this is where the path crosses over the dry creek bed.
Just a few steps along. That is an above ground tree root, bottom right. I have several of those in this yard.

Looking on and a bit more to the left, directly behind the porch is a large bed of Oriental Jasmine ground cover. It is great for here and can be "mowed" with a weed-eater.
Looking straight on ahead and just beyond where the stone path goes left and back up the incline to the other side of the house. However, if we don't turn up the stone path, straight ahead becomes a mulched path which goes by this bench and on to the very back left corner of the yard.
Just beyond the bench and slightly to the left is a small almost hidden area with a stepping stone patio and the little table and chairs. The huge  macho ferns and other plants help keep this little "room" somewhat hidden.
Getting back on the mulch path we soon come to the big clump of peace lilies where the path does a big curve and heads across the back again but at the very back edge of the yard.

This is actually looking back in the direction of the clump of lilies  Here, you can see the lower leaves of the native magnolia tree, a large cardboard palm and a small native Coontie.

The magnolia bloomed on low enough branches for me to get a few pictures.


Heading on down the path and on our left is where my petaled bicycle sits.

Ut. Oh, I am back to showing close-ups!

Next in line is my cherished, old mossy bench.

Passing up where we started from and up near the corner of the front yard, but still in the shade, sits the little arbor.  I wanted to show it because the sweet potato vine was recently planted on each side and is really taking off. The sago fern is looking better than it ever has, too.

I love the bright chartreuse green color.

In closing, I will show a few pictures of some critters that frequent the yard.  The butterflies have really been hard to capture, so far, no especially good pictures.


This White Ibis acted like he wanted to pose for me. I have never had one be as friendly as he was.
As always, thanks for staying with me to the end.



  1. Very true! Your yard is quite difficult to photograph in a way that shows what it really looks like. But either way, through pictures and in real life, it invites you to take a closer look.


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