Thursday, August 2, 2012


.........Life has been a little slow and dull this week so what do I blog about?  Not that my life is "that" exciting to others anyhow but some weeks are more interesting than others. I decided to go with one of my collections - BUTTONS.  Have you ever looked at buttons? I mean really looked?  Buttons (some) are tiny works of art. They can reflect social history, some become valuable. There are button museums. I have never had the pleasure of visiting one but would love to do that. Oh, my, keep me out of a nothing-but-buttons store!!!  A definition of  "collection" is, three or more of any one thing. I have a bunch of collections!!!

I never "set out" to collect buttons. I mean, just one day thought - I think I will start a button collection. But, somehow I have ended up with quiet a few old buttons, haphazardly. Like I have done with many other items.

None of mine are valuable, at least I don't know it if they are. I especially like mother of pearl and other cream or white old buttons. The two containers above sit in my bedroom.

There is nothing like having a martini of buttons as you are heading to bed! I am not a drinker so I may be calling the stemware by the wrong name.

Love buttons and love apothecary jars! Why not combine them?

The gallon jar (at least its lid) seems to be very old. I got it already filled with buttons at an antique store many years back.  The Singer tin is what I have kept as my personal button box for many years.

My younger sister, DeAnna had a huge collection of buttons.  When she died her two daughters gave me some of her buttons. I seldom think of buttons without thinking of DeAnna.

Playing with moms, grandmas or any persons buttons is a precious memory for a child. I loved moms buttons.

Aren't these buttons just the best! Love the buttons, love the cards, love having them!

Love the name.

The collection on the crocheted piece was assembled by DeAnna. I did the little heart.  On a side note...I started writing DeAnna's name with the A capitalized  and before long she adapted it and always wrote her name that way too - love it.

Those of you who have been following me from the start have seen this before. I found this very neat shallow wooden box at a garage sale many, many years ago. I knew when I saw it there was a good use for it.  It took many years to decide what that was.  One good example why I don't go along with "if you haven't used it in the last year, get rid of it".  I am so glad it stayed in the garden shed at my old house and then the garage after I moved here. It was just waiting for this perfect use. This now hangs on my bedroom wall close to the other buttons already shown.

The upper left quarter of the 18"x18" size.

The upper right.

Lower left.

                                                                    Lower right.


I located these just in the nick of time to include them.  I have never been totally organized with my buttons! And, that statement can be applied two ways! These are lying on an old frame that I framed a piece of velvet in and used to display old jewelry on when I had a booth in an antique store.

When I first found these I intended to use them as name cards or little party favors but each time I thought of them I felt a little selfish and still have them. It might still happen and six special friends may get one yet!

             I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my buttons. Do you have a button collection?



  1. You are such an interesting bird, Betty! I love your button collection. Yes, I do have a button collection, just in a couple old herb tins, but I love them. Certainly not as extensive as yours, for sure! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I also have my mothers buttons as well as my own. Some of them are very old. I did notice that some of yours I have also. I have mine in a small lamp/spools lampshade on it. I also have my mothers round metal box that she kept her sewing things in. Love it all.

  3. I love your button collection, Betty! I have a fondness for old buttons and seeing yours makes my heart go pitter patter :) They way you have them displayed is lovely and I especially love the ones with the crochet doilies.
    I have a few of my mother's old buttons that I plan to make into some kind of vignette but I'm not sure what I want to do yet so they are still in her old sewing kit waiting for me.


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