Thursday, August 23, 2012

Present Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers.......

 With the heat and all the rain/wind storms we have had, I am amazed that enough blossoms have survived in the garden to make an arrangement. I actually have a lot of blooms. Due to the nature of our weather I have spent very little time outside to enjoy them.  And, with Isaac threatening to roll in soon if he decides to come our way, I went out and gathered some to enjoy inside. This may be the first post I have done with pictures showing only one thing.  Can I show the same thing ten times and get away with it. Well, let's try........

My favorite type of bouquet has always been a bunch of different kind of flowers and not chosen necessarily by color.

In this arrangement you can see two kinds of roses, white and salmon color periwinkles, mexican bachelor buttons, red salvia, variegated jasmine (foliage only) and blue pea vine.

It seems that flowers and romance have always traveled arm and arm. Flowers are the jewels that we can all afford.

Flowers have accented life's special occasions probably from as far back as the Garden of Eden.  Certain flowers came to be used for certain occasions. People began talking with flowers.

Flowers weave a tapestry through our lives. "They overwhelm the present, they evoke the past, they take us on sentimental journeys. They heighten good times and offer comfort in sadder ones, punctuating and enhancing every celebration they attend".
It would be difficult for me to say which is my favorite flower.  I can name a couple that I really miss because of my location. I remember mom's lilacs.  I loved the fragrance of lilacs. And, another that is a favorite but I seldom see because they don't grow here is Queen Anne's Lace. Come to think of it, a bouquet of sprigy, wild flowers might just be my favorite kind.

We don't need to translate them into latin to enjoy them.  It is a pleasure to be able to pick them.

If you don't have any to go out and pick, treat yourself by going out and buying some. Grocery store flowers can be inexpensive and beautiful!
You don't have to make a work of art when you arrange them. Just make it always be an enjoyment.

Let every flower hold two messages: one from history and folklore and one from your personal and private memories.
This was added on 8/26 and this is what I have now and love it. The look in the vase is not that good but I could add all new flowers and leave this here and it would be better than ever.



  1. Momma's favorites were pansies and I always think of her when I see them! We have PLENTY of Queen Anne's Lace blooming here, along with Goldenrod and Sunflowers. Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush make me think of Texas, of course, but they are only blooming a short time in the Spring. I love your blogs, Aunt Betty!

  2. Gorgeous, yep you got away with 10 pictures, they were all great! I don't have that many flowers, your garden must be gorgeous. I treat my self to flowers at Publix often, the 3 bunches for $12.00. Hum I wonder if we really have to worry about the Hurricane, you never know if they are just talking it up or not? Guess I should do a few preparations just in case! Oh, you asked if my sons wedding is outdoors, yes it is, it will be a morning wedding with a brunch reception, Thank you for asking


  3. Mama always had plenty of flowers in the yard.....roses, tiger lilies, Easter lilies, buttercups, lily of the valley and several others. My favorite was the huge camellia bush on either side of the house. They grew up to the roof and one was a single bloom dark pink in color. And then there was the double ruffle bloom (don't know the proper names) on the other side that was a beautiful red. It was kind of funny that mama never cut any of the flowers to put in the house. She would sometimes cut some to give away but never for inside our house. I guess she just liked them better outside. I used to pick wildflowers down by the railroad tracks to put in my room and she just thought that was a silly thing to do. But she sure loved to work in the yard with those flowers. Always look forward to reading your blog, Betty. It has triggered distant (and also not so distant) memories that are nice to look back on!

  4. just beautiful: the colors, the arrangement, each bud! I think used saved them before the storm so they could be appreciated properly.

  5. I love your bouquet of flowers Betty! I don't know why but I think the mismatched, hodge-podge effect of flower arrangements are the loveliest. Enjoy them while you can. I think I shall have to wait for the fall flowers as the severe heat has taken its toll again this year :/


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