Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warm breezy days ~ cool autumn nights......

Autumn.......the days become crisp and sweater weather sets in.  You find yourself wanting to have one foot inside and the other still out in the garden.  Of course it is not officially autumn yet but it's close. And, the above does not describe my situation but I imagine it is what some of you are already experiencing.

It looks very much like autumn inside my house. I spent hours last week packing up summer things and putting out the fall look.

A tumble of new colors, textures and shapes appeared in the living room, dining room and kitchen. Plus a few on the front porch. I dressed my nest in warmer colors.  Fall is usually thought of as harvest time. Have you been harvesting anything? I know it is apple harvest time in the northeast states - probably northwest also. I always loved apple harvest time in Pennsylvania. The fresh cider from there is like none other!!!

This pineapple is the only thing I had to harvest. Yesterday I discovered that it had fallen off of the plant so it was a very easy harvest! 

It never did get as big as the average pineapple except the top is huge.  I am going to let it sit a few days in hopes that it might ripen more. When I cut it I will show you what I found inside. 
As the light of summer fades and September puts on the cloak of fall, the shadows start to get a little deeper.
Speaking of shadows, I looked in the direction of this wall just in time to see this shadow in the dining room. The fall wreath I had just hung on the window was cast onto this wall along with plants from the window box and tops of two dining room chairs. It looses its translation a bit in the picture but it was the right light at the right time and presented me with an extraordinary moment!
In the midst of my fall decorating I took all these dishes out of this open hutch and washed them and rearranged them. Something that has been needing to be done for months. Now, everything is sparkling!
The incentive for taking all those dishes out was this little lamp more than needing to wash away the layers of dust.  It was on the top shelf of the hutch and I wanted to move it to another place. In order to do that I had to take two shelves out because the cord ran down behind them.
While the dishes are shiny I will show a few close ups.  I have a lot of clear glass. I know it is not that popular anymore but, I still like mine and use them to serve from. The clear pitcher was brought to me from England in my daughters backpack. So was the little white one.


I use to keep honey with comb in the covered dish on the left.  It is nearly impossible here to find honey with its comb but this reminds me to start looking for some!

The square plates in the back were toted from England by Carrie, too. They are the Lilac Lane pattern by Royal Albert and are far more beautiful than they show in the picture.

On the right is a Baltimore Pear butter dish, sugar/cream pitcher which was a wedding gift to me. That was 54 years ago last week. Actually, the original butter dish got broken and this one was a replacement by guess who ---- yep, Carrie. Do you get the feeling she is a very thoughtful daughter!!
This starts another subject altogether. This is a piece of chocolate chip cookie dough pie.  I got the recipe from pinterest and it is about the quickest dessert you could ever make. All it takes is a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough from the refrigerated section of the grocery store (I used Nestles) 1/2  of  a 12oz bag of  semi-sweet morsels (also Nestles) and some chopped nuts. I used walnuts but will try pecans next time.  Press 1/2 of the roll of dough into a nine inch baking pan. Sprinkle a layer of chocolate chips and chopped walnuts over the dough. Crumble the remaining half of cookie dough over the top of the chocolate chips and walnuts. Bake at 350 degrees for app. 20 - 25 minutes, until the top is turning a golden brown. Allow to cool for about ten minutes, then serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Don't skip the ice cream, the pie is so rich it needs the ice cream. Next time I might try a sugar cookie dough and use  all or most of the 12oz bag of chips.
You didn't see much of my fall decorations but that is what I will feature soon in another post - probably two or three posts.


  1. Wow Betty everything look I would expect. I cannot believe you have a pineapple tree in your garden with pineapples falling on the your ground. It is very exotic fruit for us Brits. I bet it tastes amazing! Your cookie dough pie sounds lovely. I bet the pecans would be better than walnuts as they don't have that certain aftertaste I am accustomed to. I have never seen cookie dough in our shops except in Haagen Daaz ice cream lol. I see it on TV a lot though straight from the fridge as comfort food.

    1. I wondered if you would have the cookie dough in England. It is available in several flavors here. I don't know that I have ever used it before, though. I will make this once in awhile - so easy. Thank you for looking and your sweet remarks.

  2. I can say from first hand experience that the pictures do not do it justice. Your home has been transformed into Fall and you get that feeling as soon as you walk in the door. Autumn colors have always been my favorite. There are so many little subtle things that one does not catch at first glance. One of the reasons I love boing in your home. You can look at things several times and see something different each time. And that chocolate chip cookie pie thing........oh my goodness, it was good! Always look forward to reading your blog, Betty!

  3. (sorry, should be "being in your home".)

  4. Thank you very much Ginger. I'm glad you enjoyed being here. I loved having you!


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