Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Girls Celebration

The September Girls all have birthdays in September and we have gathered for years to celebrate. This year it was in Lynda's home with each asked to bring a salad. We had a wonderful time in all respects!!
I have many pictures and most speak for themselves so I will not do much talking.

My little scrapbook which contains one group picture for each year.

This years group picture. It's always a giggling time when we line up for our automatic timed photograph!

I really enjoyed getting my gifts assembled. I always mix a batch of dry-roasted peanuts and candy corn to kick off my fall and decided this would be my gift this year.  Some people include brown M&M's - Michael's.

It was a process!

Collected trims, made tags and had fun putting everything together.

Each also got this pumpkin towel.

The lids that came with the jars looked more like Christmas so I changed them to fall by using some rubber stamps.

Getting there!

Lynda finds really neat and unusual things for her house. She has a special gift of decorating. Her house is lovely, no matter what season!

Little did I know that she was using sunflowers as a theme this year. I lucked out with my bag decor.

The table was set so thoughtfully and pretty. She also has the ability to make her friends feel special and cherished!

An acorn for take-home favors.  We all love acorns.

Remember you can click to enlarge. Then hit your return arrow to get back.

The food was great. Aren't these the best looking sandwiches you have ever seen! Lynda made the zucchini bread.

Chicken salad

Berry's homemade pizza!

Sarah's salad! Isn't this the neatest bowl with a butterfly. I can't believe I missed seeing that until just now!

My oriental salad - not pretty but good.

And, I am so aggravated that I forgot to take a picture of the dessert Lynda made!  Needless to say, we had great eating and a very fun time!

A special thanks to Patsy for helping her sister with the preparations and everything she adds to the celebration!
Great friends, good food, the exchanging of gifts, thanksgiving for being another year older, we are blessed.  A smile happens in a flash, but the memory of it can last a lifetime!


  1. Those were "almost" my containers for December!

  2. I would have messed you up, wouldn't I! I almost called Deborah to suggest them for her and then remembered I needed September gifts.

  3. OK, my birthday is in April but I'd be more than willing to change it to September if it meant being a part of this lovely shindig!!! How wonderful! I can't say enough about your jars - love the fact that you changed the top by rubber stamping - I'm certainly going to do that at next year's bake sale!!! Everything at the party looked so lovely and your gifts looked absolutely adorable and yummy! Thanks for sending me over here!!!


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