Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Rabbit Tale or Tail.........

............I have truly been "missing-in-action"! Did you miss me?  The lack of posting has been due to my being busy with two weeks of out of town company. It has been great fun. Unfortunately, when I get "stopped" it is hard for me to get going again but, it is now time to get back to the usual routines.........

Actually, this week will not be exactly routine except maybe for my dental appointment this afternoon! I have had so many of those in the past year that going to the dentist seems routine.

I spent most of yesterday with friends at an annual Spring Fling.  What a beautiful spring table Sarah set and the food was Delicious. After lunch we spent time making bracelets. We had beads rolling everywhere! Lots of laughs and a few bracelets were completed. If you notice the top invitation you will see that I have another gathering to attend on Saturday. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be a great time too.

Now, finally, the bunny tale.  One added blessing of having friends and family visit, is being given such nice gifts as this bunny pillow.  My friend, Joanne did a wonderful job making it. I love the style with the gathered fabric on each end.

Before it was placed here this brown rabbit was the only one occupying the chair. I think he didn't appreciate another bunny slipping in!

Looks very unhappy, doesn't he? Doesn't like sharing his special place.

When the pillow was first put here the bunny didn't have a tail. The maker, Joanne, decided he really did need a tail, after all. So, she went searching and found this nice fluffy one. This close-up picture  shows what precise stenciling work Joanne did. 
Another, great gift from my niece, Freida - a towel and silver spreader.

I like everything about the towel - it's muted colors, the silverware all lined up on it showing neat details and I like the company name.

Love the spreader with it's style and words. A good addition to my collection of serving pieces.

On the highchair tray.

And, hanging on the stove door.
One more thing and then I will let you go.  I love to grow rye grass in a container in the springtime and thought you might like to try some, too. It's very easy to do. Just choose a suitable container, fill it with potting soil, dampen it good and sprinkle rye seed thick over the top. I totally covered the soil with seed. Don't cover the seed with soil. Keep it moist and in a few days you will see it beginning to sprout. I left it on the porch, in the light,  until it grew.

I think the Easter Bunny brought it in early Easter morning.

It made a nice centerpiece for our Easter brunch. I have several Easter decorations I had hoped to show but, let the time get by and I don't like to do it so far removed from the day. I know all of you have moved on to other things.


  1. Yes I missed you!! Checked on your page to make sure I just didn't overlook you. Glad everything is ok, and you were just enjoying yourself!! XXOO

  2. I'm glad you posted the pictures of the Easter morning "table." It was lovely, and I was a happy participant in the delicious brunch! Joanne did a great job on the bunny pillow! Now you can name him Mr Cottontail!


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