Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces............

..............I have a few different things to share, to show and tell.......

First, the different looks of my little bottles in the wire basket set. Here they are displaying cilantro and arugula blossoms.

This has been my favorite look, so far.
Both of these plants have aged out and it is getting too warm here to grow either one. I always regret when it comes to this time with cilantro. Sure wish we could grow it year round.

Sometime before Easter, I forget the exact time line, they contained curly parsley.
And, sprigs from the bridal wreath bush. I was happy that two of my recent out-of-towners were able to get one of these sets.

This small plate and dome set came from a Ross store.  I was in need of a small birthday gift for a sweet friend and was happy to find this. I took it home, washed it and then took it to a nearby dessert bakery.  Most of the cupcakes were plain looking but I chose this strawberry one and asked the owner to make it a little more special. He did a good job, putting a fresh strawberry on it and drizzled a bit of strawberry syrup over everything. I carefully put it all into the original box and the box into a gift bag. My friend, Wanda seemed to like it. I was wishing I had bought a second one that I saw and went back the next day to purchase it, just to have on hand for someone elses little gift but, alas, it was gone!

 Recently I baked sour-dough bread for my two sets of out-of-town company. This is one of two loaves from the second batch.  Both of these loaves looked exactly the same and pretty near perfect, which usually never happens. Most of the time one will be larger than the other and one or both will crack open on top. I like to fold a piece of parchment baking paper and wrap the middle, tuck in a sprig of something green, usually rosemary and tie a pretty ribbon around it.  My chef son-in-law likes this bread so this loaf went to him.

After Easter my niece/friend (no blood relation, but she has always called me "aunt") Joanne and I searched for marked down Easter bargins.  Christmas Tree Shop had their left-overs really reduced. I got this gardening rabbit wearing a straw hat and gardening apron. She is ready to garden with her hoe across her shoulder. I decided she is not just for Easter and can stay on the porch all summer. Her feet must be about size elevens!! Actually, I got some other things too but you will have to watch for them next spring.

Looks pleased with herself, doesn't she.

Now,  here is a new tiny pillow I made to go with the other ones ...... the big bowl.  If you missed the post about the other ones you can find it here. 

While Joanne was visiting me she worked on a full size pillow with rows of these little birds. She shared the bird pattern. Her big one wasn't quite finished when she left but, it was headed towards being a very cute pillow! If she gets it finished and shows it on her blog I will try to link up to it so you can see, too. I like my tiny version of her design. I didn't get my bird "wings" positioned right but I like it anyhow.

I told you this post would be bits and pieces!!  This was something I saw as we left the park yesterday after working a Destination Occasion wedding. This man comes here often and said the roosters come running when he starts playing his horn. They seemed to be enjoying the "blues" but, I have a feeling the food he brings them gets their attention, also!
Thank you for looking. I will be back soon, probably with my kind of "blues".



  1. I am now wishing that I had bought one of those wire/bottle sets although I have yet to decide what to do with most of the stuff I bought. The bread was so very good and will be shown in a blog-to-come. I didn't get a picture of it all fancied up. Those bunnies with big feet were just precious. My big-eared one is currently keeping watch over my mess-of-a-craft table. Your pillow turned out nicely. I haven't worked on mine much since I've been home. I'm not entirely pleased with my wings either but they'll have to do since I've already marked them. My backstitch leaves much to be desired but I'll work on it. Oh, and your cupcake en cloche is a great idea!!

  2. Good Afternoon Betty, What a fabulous idea, to place a beautifully decorated cupcake on a glass plate and cover it with a gorgeous glass dome. I thought this was such a lovely gift.
    I love sewing aswell, and I particularly enjoyed your little cushions nestled together in the basket.
    I have enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower. I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time....the door will always be open.
    I look forward to getting to know you.
    Best Wishes from England.

    1. Daphne, I hope you noticed the comment I left on your blog. Thank you for these nice comments.

  3. I came here hoping to see pictures of the jewelry you said you made. Although I don't see jewelry, it is still a delight to visit your blog!

  4. Sandy, I guess this would have been the time to show the bracelets. I took a few pictures early on which didn't show the jewelry very well so decided not to use them on the blog. Thanks for looking.


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