Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scrap the Last Pictures!

Yes, they are already obsolete! I have been adding, taking away, and switching around! Again! So I will show the same areas of the kitchen as those in the last post and then I will be quiet about this kitchen - for a long time, I promise. Unless I think of something else to make with the left-over curtain material.

You remember the plaid curtain panel I found Sunday. I made a table cloth for the butcher block table. I am getting in a rush and haven't even ironed it yet!


I used three of the tabs on the new strips .


I like the newest look. Trying to have a short, tab valance over the existing curtain wasn't going to work.

I used one of the left over tabs to make a jacket for this candle.

Then I decided the placement of several things could be done better and started moving things around. You probably would have had to be here to appreciate it but it did improve the over-all look.



Remember, to see these pictures larger you can click on them and then click your return arrow to return back here. And, now a couple more things.........

Sunday while I was in Tuesday Morning I noticed this large juice bottle.  Because I like bottles to start with and thinking how neat that would be to serve juice from at a special breakfast or brunch, I purchased it. Hey, some people spend entertainment money on tickets, trips, cruises etc. and I spend mine on things like this. You cannot see it here but the bottle has raised letters that spell: fresh orange juice.

I have had this blackboard for a long time. It is not ancient but it is pretty old and is real slate framed in wood.  If you are blog followers you may have noticed that blackboards have made a big come-back. People are making their own by painting boards with blackboard paint and putting them in picture frames or you can use the special paint on trays, etc.

I brought my old one out of storage, wrote three of my favorite words on it and hung it here next to the stove. A tip about writing the words: I used a water color pencil instead of chalk. I didn't have chalk and was just "making do" with what I had but, decided it was a heap easier, at least for left handed me, to make better letters with the pencil than chalk.  It can be washed off, too.
Now, let me think..............I have that curtain fabric and one tab top left.....ummmmmm. Grace, love and joy to you and goodbye from my kitchen.


  1. Looks great! I have the same large flower print that is in photo #10. Mine is framed different though!

    1. Really! Mine would look better for the room in a different frame. I guess I could paint it.

  2. Your kitchen is very pretty. I love the white shelves displaying some of your china and things. Gorgeous! Deb

    1. Thanks, Deb. I left a note on your blog.

  3. I love what you've done, Betty! Your kitchen looks lovely - I do the same thing. I settle on a certain thing and before you know it, I'm changing it around.



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