Thursday, June 6, 2013

June - Roses and Weddings

June.........So many dreams come true now - roses bloom, bouquets are tossed, sweet music fills the air.........

June is National Rose Month.  In honor of that, I was asked by the Orlando Area Historical Rose Society to put fresh roses from my garden in a local library - Oviedo, Fl. This is the first of at least three bouquets which I will donate throughout June, along with some from two other members. This is my favorite rose bouquet that I have ever made!
My society grows and promotes the growing of antique roses.
My bushes cooperated and I had plenty to make a nice arrangement. June is also a special time of brides and the satin "sleeve" I made to slip over the vase fits in with both themes. 
Lucas Nursery donated a pot of Drift roses for our display.
I love the very close-up shots where you can also see the tiny buds.


This contains six different types of roses - Old Blush, La Marne, G. Nabannon, Marie Van Houte,  Pink Pet and Clair Matin.

Marry when June roses blow - over land and seas you'll go - wedding superstition
This is the small wedding I worked on Monday for These roses are not from my garden.
It was threatening rain but, held off, thank heavens.


Some day my prince will come, too!
May all your June dreams come true.
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  1. The bouquet is absolutely stunning, Betty! How talented you are! I would love to plant some antique roses someday. They are so beautiful and lush.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  2. Hi,
    I just love your roses from your garden. They are one of My Favourite Things too. I didn't realize that June was National Rose Month. It was nice to meet you and I pray that you meet your prince soon.
    Take care,

  3. How pretty, Aunt Betty! It must be very affirming to be invited to share your roses and talents at the library. I love "old fashioned" flowers, they just seem so day-dreamy.

  4. What an adorable umbrella for the bride....beautiful!

  5. Hello Betty, I'm so pleased to of found your wonderful blog. I was looking for information, inspiration on written garden journals and your blog was the first link so I clicked and was oh so inspired and can't wait to start my very first garden journal thank you. You can't beat a beautiful old fashion rose and yours are stunning.

  6. I'm glad you found me Joanne. I hope to show a few current pages today.


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