Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Lil Garden.......again.

..........I would never have thought I would be showing this again this soon with so many changes. I believe I said something in Lil Garden's reveal that left the impression that it was basically finished and also that I didn't want to be spending much money on this little project.

Well, I haven't spent much money but, several things have been added and some changes made. What happened is a day or so after the reveal, my daughter sent me an ad from ABC Distributing Company. If you know this company, you know they sell things a good bit lower than the same things would be elsewhere.  

The ad was for a set of seven things for a miniature garden. The total price for the set was what about two of the pieces would be from a different store.

It so happened that one of the items was this arbor which is something I had already thought was needed, right up front here.  It has turned out to be perfect - gives a good entrance and makes the walk look more like it belongs, too. Before I show more, I should list the other things from the set. Along with the arbor, I got a white fence, white bench, bird bath, welcome sign, a fairy and a watering can.

I got these two little boys from a local nursery for $2.00 each. The fairy that came with the set is too big. Plus, I didn't really want this to become a "fairy garden". I love the little boys and they are a good size.

The angel, which I already had, is over-sized but, I like it for the garden-angel.

 Here you see the welcome sign and the watering can, also a bit large but it is a very nice watering can.

I really should get this grass mowed!

I like the combination of the white wooden fence and the metal one.  And, now the whole garden is surrounded with fencing.

This glass cup is every bit of 1/2 inch tall.

I love the way the fence is reflected in the birdbath water. That is one thing missing in Lil Garden - birds.
The big birdhouse is still empty.

Here is the duck and egg. The duck seems to have chosen this corner to hang out in.

I think I had mentioned in the first post that I bought a wooden gate that didn't really work very well. Now, with the white fence, it does! I like it back here in the corner - the back entrance/exit.

The plants are all doing well, except the thyme didn't make it. I may try again to get some to root because it has the tiny leaves the garden needs. I have thought of one other thing that I would like to work in and that might be an excuse to show Lil Garden one more time a little later.
What do you think? Do you like the changes? Any suggestions.


  1. This is so cute right down to the Betty cup. Looks like it was so much fun to do. Thanks for showing.

  2. My favorite piece is still the tile walkway. You did such a nice job with it and it is placed just right. I also like the new birdbath. Love the whimsy of it all. I don't have any suggestions at all. It is very "you"... as it should be!


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