Friday, June 21, 2013

Not What I Should Be Doing.....

Time is fast approaching when I will spend almost two weeks with my sister. When I am there we are mostly house-bound (no car). Last year I took some embroidery kits to work on while we sit and visit.  Long before going, I had planned to make a cute little needle book similar to those I had been seeing on Pinterest. As it goes with a lot of my good intentions, it didn't get done. So two days ago, I thought, here I am again without having carried through with my much desired little needle case! I got busy........

I found a scrap of old grainsack fabric that I thought would be just the thing, cut a rectangle, approximately 7" x 10". I used a small checked piece for the lining, cutting it the same size.

I drew a simple design of flower stems with pencil onto the right side of the plain fabric, knowing this would eventually be the "book" front. I didn't have a completed plan in mind but just started looking through my supplies to see what might work. I decided to use buttons instead of embroidering flowers - a time saver. I liked the look of the four flowers but, it needed something more.  I added the little strip of lace. I did have in mind, before starting, to have the word, "needles" on the front and drew that with pencil and then embroidered it.  The little crocheted round piece came from my stash and is the front side of a loop and button fastener.
 Next came the machine sewing. I sewed the lining and outside together, right sides together,  leaving a small opening to turn it. Oh, I forgot. I also cut a piece of thin batting, same size,  and put it on top after stacking the other two pieces. When you turn the front and lining the batting will be inside.


I cut a piece of felt for the "pages" about an inch smaller than the total sewed size of the piece.  I placed the felt piece on the inside of the open piece, folded both pieces in half keeping them together. With the front side up, I machine stitched about 3/4 inch from the folded edge and this secures the pages and makes the folded book shape. I hand stitched the little crocheted piece, leaving the top open to form a pocket. Sorry, before I did that I hand sewed the buttons on it to form the flower. The little green checked piece on the right is also a pocket, machine stitched on.

The oval is a machine made lace piece that I found in my "stash".

The opening page - needle holder.  I recently bought a half yard of fabric labels with several different designs. These two are perfect for this purpose.



On the inside of the back cover I put the little pocket and strip of measuring tape ribbon to hold my scissors.

The back is not especially cute but, I am o.k. with that.

So now, at last, I have the cute little needle keeper and will enjoy using it as my sister and I sit and reminisce and solve all the world's problems. Yeah, with all the things I need to be doing to be ready to travel, it was not high on the list but, I am glad I took the time. By the way, Mamie is 92 and still sharp as a tack! After reading this, she informed me that she is more like, rusty as a nail. Like I said, sharp as a tack!
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  1. Your needle book is beautiful, love the embellishments. I need to make one and have it on the list of things to do. Saw your link at A Favorite Thing, thanks for sharing.


  2. Such a pretty and practical project, great job!

  3. Your needlebook is sweet and useful. Love the button flowers. Taking the time to be creative is fun. Have a good trip and a good visit with your sister.

  4. That is fantastic. So pretty and also useful! What a great idea.

  5. oh my goodness this is absolutely adorable!!!! I love it! And now it has given me an idea. I do not crochet but last year I purchased some of those crocheted flowers that Claudia makes set to hang as a garland in my bedroom, the other to keep loose for embellishments here and there. I used a few on a pillow not too long ago, and now I think how pretty another one might be with flowers such as yours! :) But I think I am going to try to make a little needle case like this as well down the line. Bookmarking this! :)

  6. I saw these on Pinterest too and thought about making one. I love yours! It's so cute and detailed! I also like how you have your floss wrapped on one of those "bobbins". Enjoy the time with Aunt Mamie!

  7. Good Evening Betty, I adore this needle case, it is so very pretty, with so much detail.
    It has been a long time since I crocheted but I will certainly be pulling out my crochet hooks as I know my daughters would love a needle case like this.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Best Wishes

  8. I love your needle book, Betty. It is so charming and will be wonderful to have on hand when you visit your sister. Have a wonderful time!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  9. I love everything about how this turned out ... it's lovely!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & your comments on my kitchen!
    New follower, Francine


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