Friday, July 12, 2013

A step into the past, #2

If you haven't seen part #1, you might want to go here now to see it first. Being the week of July 4th, Jonesborough was proudly flying many flags - big ones on all the light posts and small ones in lots of flower pots. Beautiful.

From part #1 you will recognize the Court House in the distance.

Up behind  main street and in a pretty park-like setting is the Taylor House

Dr. Chester built his Inn on the stage road in 1797.

It has been renamed several times and served in different ways. After the State purchased the Inn in 1989, it was restored to its 1880-1890 appearance.  The present museum opened in late 2011.  This is the place to go if one is interested in knowing all about The Chester Inn and the story of Jonesborough which played a big role in expanding this mountain region. The Inn is the second oldest standing building in the oldest town of Tennessee.

I have many more pictures of old buildings in this really neat ancient place, but fear that you might not be as interested in "my home town" as I am so, I will move on to other things, after I show this next one.....
It is sitting along the pretty creek you saw in the last picture and is one of my favorites of all - an old out house in a backyard.
Many people have come and gone over all the years since Jonesborough was first established.  Several have ended up here - a medium size graveyard. This picture shows just a few of the stones. By the time I visited here, the day was nearing its end and it was still sprinkling rain. I hurriedly took a few close-ups and wish I could have spent more time there.

Henry Hoss, Born Oct 20 1818
Died Aug 6 1885
"An honest man. He saw his duty and did it."

In memory of Sarah Jane

"Our Little Anne's Gone Home"
Anne French - two years

This one uses two words to 'say it all' or not say much at all! MY WIFE.
These stones make me wish I knew more about all the people.

In the beginning when we parked the car near this peaceful park-like area above Main Street, I thought, I could sit on this bench for a long time, rain or not, looking over this great old town. And, I hope you have enjoyed the picture tour of Jonesborough. Maybe you might visit it sometime. Oh, one more thing..........

See the new (relatively) brick building behind the Court House?  This is the jail house.  When I came to town, little did I know that I would....

......end up behind bars!!!!  Fortunately, someone left the key very nearby!


  1. Betty, what a lovely little town! I love visiting old towns, touring old buildings/houses and even the cemeteries :) Thank you for sharing. Maybe one of these days I'll make it to TN to visit your sweet little hometown.

  2. Betty, I enjoyed your little tour of Jonesborough! I love seeing historic places and nooks and crannies...even better to be shown by someone who knows the place. (Hope you didn't spend too much time in the slammer!) ;)


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