Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Step Into the Past.......

Jonesborough, Tennessee a little Appalachian town  nestled between two "ridges" dates back to the 18th century and is Tennessee's oldest town.  The town is the International Story Telling capital. It is truly full of history and local legend. A perfect, restful, vacation destination. It happens to be my first hometown and I still have family living there.

I recently spent most of two weeks there. Follow me as I show you around town.
Most of the activity takes place on Main Street where the beautiful Court House is located.


 Every Friday night during the summer, Jonesborough hosts Music on the Square. The street is closed to traffic and people set up their chairs on the sidewalk and street in front of the court house and wait for the Music to begin. We enjoyed a nice dinner in the Old General Store (background) and then took our places to enjoy the singing group of the week. I am on the left, my sister, Mamie  in the middle and my niece, Trudy on the right. Trudy's husband Tony took our picture.
The three-girl group called Underhill Rose was good and their style of music was right at home in old Jonesborough.

On another day my niece Freida took me around town to photograph some interesting spots.

There are many very old historical buildings still here and this is one of them. The Parsons Table, former First Christian Church, ca. 1874, is now used for banquets, receptions and weddings but was used for many years as a restaurant.
This bank of lavender is just to the right of the structure. On this cloudy, rainy day, I was not able to capture it's real beauty.

On the other side and near the long walk and railroad tracks is this interesting corner. I would love to have this statue in my back garden.
Wouldn't mind having this dinner bell, too.

There is something a little melancholy about looking down railroad tracks and here is a long, empty, brick walk alongside the tracks. Double the melancholy!
A few steps down the tracks is the old Salt House. Essential for curing meat, salt was rationed to area residents here during the Civil War.  While currently not in use, it has also served as the post office, Masonic Hall and a grocery, among other things, but has always been known as The Salt House.


Just to the right of the Salt House on Parson's Square is Hawley House, the oldest house in Jonesborough.  It was built in 1793 and now serves as a Bed and Breakfast.

Looks like a nice place to relax in a rocking chair and look across to the main street of Jonesborough.
Or you can walk through the garden. Well, we haven't covered much of the little town but I have decided to do a part #2 to show the rest. I am proud of my first home town with all its history and hope you will return to see some more.


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