Sunday, July 21, 2013

Color in the shade.......

I saw these pagodas growing in neighbor's yards when I first came to this neighborhood. I didn't know what they were but knew I would like to have them growing in mine. The first attempts failed but, last year I had one get big enough to bloom and this year I have three.

I like it here in contrast to the variegated schefflera.

This  plant is very healthy looking even though it has to share its pot with gnomes and toadstools.


The angel wing begonia has also grown well and bloomed it's heart out! For someone that never has particularly liked red flowers, something I share with Martha Stewart, I sure have ended up with a lot of them!

Sometimes all that is needed for color in the garden is leaves. I have several types of coleus and I like each one....



.......but this one with its lacy leaves might be my favorite.

My newest caladium has filled in it's growing place in a short time. I so wish they would stay all year but they will soon start disappearing and then come back in the spring.

More red - penta

I like the fullness of this lily blossom although orange is not one of my favorite colors either.

I am pleased with how this is looking in my tall "pineapple" pot.

Purple shield, adding lots of color.

Clerodendrum also provides color.

This small tree, (aloysia-almond) doesn't give color but it makes up for it with fragrance.

Looking through flax lily seeds and a couple of bush oregano twigs onto a Gerbera daisy - the first one I have ever kept living for months.

The common geranium which I also use to have trouble growing but this one has lasted for a few years.

A single bloom on a dwarf pomegranate plant.

Not everyone would get as excited as I did when I saw these baby "chicks"!!! About four or five years ago I brought six of these succulents home from my sister-in-law's yard in Pennsylvania. I was making one last attempt to grow these in central Florida. Half of them died, these three stayed alive but didn't reproduce any little ones .......until lately. You don't know how pleased I was when I discovered all these babies!!!!
Thank you for walking through part of my garden, again. 

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  1. I do enjoy strolling through your summer garden from the comfort of my air-conditioned living room!


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