Saturday, August 10, 2013


.......Collard greens, in fact.  I went out early this morning and pulled a few weeds and did a little trimming, etc. I am thinking of removing almost everything from the raised beds and starting over with new plants.  One of our best growing seasons is just around the corner. Since the beginning of these beds several years ago they have never been restarted, completely. But, after noticing some good looking collard leaves, I decided to cook one more pot full.

Thinking I might have a few readers that like to eat cooked greens but have never cooked your own,  I decided to give you some details.
This looks like quite a few but after they are cooked it will be just a small bowlful.

After the leaves are washed, you need to remove the thick spine from the middle.  One by one, using the tip of the knife, cut along each side of the stem, leaving the pointed end intact.
In order to make them easier to cook and tender enough to eat, I cut the leaves in chiffonade style pieces. I find it easy to make a stack of about four leaves and
fold the stack in half and then cut narrow strips, cutting across the leaves, not long ways. Not sure why the dark green counter top and my knife look purple! The other colors are natural. 

So, we end up with this nice big pile of neatly cut strips which didn't take long, really.
Put them in a big pot with plenty of water to allow for a long cooking time.  Add salt to taste.  Please don't try to eat cooked greens without any salt! Not tasty! And, if you are not too much of a health nut you might want to add a little butter, bacon drippings or even olive oil. I simmer mine for at least an hour and sometimes longer in order for them not to be tough. 

Here they are, plated up.  There is enough for about three more servings this size. You can see I made some cornbread, too.  I would rather have pinto beans but don't have that kind. But wait, I forgot the vinegar.
I don't like to eat any cooked greens without a few drops of vinegar.
Isn't this the cutest little crystal pitcher you have ever seen!  I forget where I found it but I think it was in an antique store.  It is only two and a fourth inches tall.
Excuse me while I dig in.
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