Monday, August 26, 2013

Just a peep at Autumn.........

We have a few weeks to go until it is officially Autumn but, it seems like the time flies between fall and when the Christmas activity starts. Because of that, I like to get an early start on presenting fall - pretending it is cooler and time to start thinking about hot drinks, wearing slightly different clothes and especially decorating and fall blogging. Besides, my daughter gave scarce spare time, working to make my new banner and I am anxious for all to see!

The pictures today will be just tiny glimpses, hopefully enough to get you to check in often to see the whole picture.

I will admit I have already done most of the fall decorating.  I was happy to see the wool pumpkin when it came out of the box. It was new last year and is now one of my favorite autumn things.

Yes, I already have some fall candles burning.

I have some new linens for the table and the table is partially set. I will be telling more about table things when the total look is revealed.

I really like the fall season, even though our temperature and outdoor look doesn't change much.  The colors of fall just cannot be out performed! I am using less orange  (you wouldn't  know by this post) since I bought the red sofa and loveseat two years ago. But, orange is such a prominent part of fall and some of it needs to remain.


Can you tell I have a new cloth pumpkin!!! A polka dot one! It may take first place away from the wool one.


Yes, Autumn is underway here at my little place.
Pumpkins, Bonfires, falling leaves, Plaid blankets, Hay rides, Corn mazes, Cider, Candy corn, Bittersweet, Cool breezes, Sweaters, Hot Chocolate, Football, Apple crisp, Indian corn, smores, geese formations, toasted marshmallows.


  1. First thing I noticed was your new banner. I liove it! And your fall decorations are lovely as well I can see why you favor the wool pumpkin.
    I'm so ready for fall myself. We thought that it was going to come early this year as temps had dropped down into the 80s for a good while but we're back into the mid to high 90s again. But that's typical for OK weather. guess I'll wait a few more weeks before pulling out a bit of fall decor.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Here in central Florida we can't wait on cool weather or we would have to skip fall altogether. Sure is good to see you active on here again!


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