Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Sister's Pretty Flowers

I spent almost two weeks at my sister's house in east Tennessee this summer and took several pictures around her yard. When I got ready to do a post, I discovered I had mistakenly deleted them off of the camera without having them in a folder. Then I made another unexpected trip back up there this month and took just a few more.

These plants are all near her patio. This is a tropical plant and I am having trouble remembering its botanical name. I  had a white one of these for several years and really liked it but it succumbed to some kind of adversary.

It is a climber and has gone a long way up this trellis. Now, I wish I had pinched off that spent blossom before I snapped the picture.

She has lot's of showy red geraniums across the front of the house.  This picture doesn't really do them justice.

This is an oriental lily, which again, its name is escaping me!

Ah, a pretty Clematis. Thank heavens I can remember one name!  This had several nice blossoms until I got ready to take pictures.

She is enjoying her garden book just below all these flowers, and she has company down there.....
including this little feisty girl.  She is too busy to read. I love her!

I might be wrong but I think this is a petunia - million bells? Not totally sure.

Mamie got this in Florida many years ago while visiting with me.  I bought a similar one at the same time. It has been pictured in a few of my garden posts.

Purple oxalis, in a basket on the patio. I also have some of this which we both got from a cousin we were visiting in the mountains of North Carolina. That was yearrrrs ago! Mamie has several other plants and flowers that she takes care of but they weren't blooming much while I was there on the second trip. What a blessing it is for her to be well enough at age (93) to be tending to and enjoying her flowers.

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