Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn Table

My autumn table has been set for weeks.  I think it is my favorite fall table setting that I have ever done. I used the same plates as was used in the last several falls but, mixed them up with different linens, etc.....

The sad thing is, everything will soon be put away! Yes, before Thanksgiving without ever being used. Due to a scheduling conflict I will not be having a Thanksgiving meal at my house and Christmas things will come out soon. I need to be ready for my 21st annual Christmas Brunch on December 7th.

Looking down from above you can almost see the whole table. Back in the summer I purchased a very inexpensive plaid table cloth at Home Goods and used it to make a long runner and eight napkins

In early fall I found these light gold place mats for less than $2 each (I'm thinking they were $1 each)
 at The Christmas Tree Store. They are really not bad quality. I also made some napkin rings which you will see close-up a few pictures down. Everything else is things I have used before.

I blended two different patterns for the cups, every other one different. It works quite well.



So, here you see the plaid napkin adorned with its lace and "bling" napkin "ring" lying on an over sized leaf.

I love the little glass frames bought one year in an after-Christmas sale. I wrote "Happy Thanksgiving" on a name card and have used them several years.

All of the things in the centerpiece are also quite used. But, I am not tired of the mixed look of glitzy and informal. The tea pots you see at top left are really not up against the table as this picture makes them look.

And last, the close-up of the napkin with it's lace and glitz. Well, at least I was able to enjoy the look even though it will not be used as first expected. There are always blessings to be found. I will not have to wash everything, before and after! I will just dust and shake off the dust and put them away. They may come out again next year.
Come back for part two to see the rest of the room.


  1. I love those napkin rings, and napkins, and table runner, and centerpiece... Oh, I just really like the whole look! Too bad it won't be used, though.

  2. Your table has the most pleasing colors! I love the layering you have done with the linens. The plaid is so stiking. What a great idea to make a runner and napkins from a tablecloth. All the bling is wonderful too. I would have those gorgeous fruit plates in a heartbeat. This is one of the most welcoming tables I have ever seen. I'm so glad you shared it with us. Next best thing! Yes, busy times ahead. Best of luck with your Christmas party! And Happy Thanksgiving.


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