Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dining Room - Part Two

The dining room table, set for fall, filled the whole last post. So, here comes the remainder of the dining room fall look. I truly hope that those of you who have seen most of these things before in other vignettes are not getting tired of seeing them. I have nothing new to show in this one. You old faithful followers (that I appreciate so much) need to keep in mind that I have new viewers all the time, too.

The first buffet. For the short, autumn season in the year, I love featuring these colors. If my dining room was being used for a Thanksgiving meal some of these items would be removed and this buffet would become the place for desserts.

Just some table confetti in the three compotes. I got this confetti after Christmas at Pier I Imports several years ago. Because the color fits in with fall I have used it in one way or another, at Thanksgiving, every year since.
It is so sparkling and cheerful. It, surprisingly, weighs almost nothing. I think the whole lot of it wouldn't register on scales, it is so light.

This has been pictured many times and you might see it again in the Christmas pictures, soon.
I never get tired of the frosty fall fruit and berry sprig, either.


You have seen this one so much you probably think you must have surely been drinking from it!

Moving on to buffet number two where most of the Thanksgiving food is placed when we are ready to eat.
An extra plate like the ones on the table. If you haven't seen the table and would like to, you can click HERE and go to that post. Return here by using your return arrow. If you would like to see fall in my kitchen you can click HERE. If you want to see fall décor in my sitting room click HERE    

Lifted up on two cake plates are my white coffee pot, pumpkin sugar and creamer, and the velvet pumpkin.


I love the details on these.

You don't always need color if you pay attention to details.

Always close by is my prized plate from Ten Downing Street. And, in the glass silverware holder, some silver from there also.

It is so difficult for me to get a picture of the chandelier but it gets some kind of special touch for every season.
This gold and clear glass trim is more shiny and showy than it looks in the picture.
There is always the same problem with trying to show the window wreath which also gets changed out for the seasons. Maybe 2014 will be the year I will get something better to replace the out-of-date mini-blinds which have been here ever since I bought the house!
This close-up does show the nice fall colors and detail.
Now, for me, it will be full speed ahead for Christmas! I will work in a few other subjects before I start showing Christmas decorating. Let me take this time to say to Americans, have a great, scrumptious, thankful, Thanksgiving day.

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