Monday, November 4, 2013

The Raised Beds and a Few Other Things

I am home from my trip to Tennessee. It was great to attend Lindsey's beautiful wedding and other celebrations. I had a great stay with my 93 year old sister and several visits with nephew Tony and his wife Trudy. Tony made three trips to the Tri-Cities airport for me - try to figure that out! There was lot's of eating out.  Really enjoyed a fun shopping spree in old Jonesborough with my two nieces, Wanda and Brenda.  Enjoyed a fantastic overnight stay in Pigeon Forge with my sister, Mamie and niece Freida. We (Freida and I) also spent an hour in a very old cemetery in Jonesborough.  I have loads of pictures. But, for this posting I am using a post that I had partly finished before I left. Some trip pictures will come later.

About three weeks ago I cleared everything from the two raised beds and added some Black Cow and the two bags of worm castings that I mentioned  several posts back.

A totally new start once in a while is good for this type of gardening.

Here is the first one with it's new plantings of herbs.

Some herbs in this one too but mostly lettuces and mustard and turnip greens. In the big pot is pineapple sage.
I put Red Sails lettuce in the window box pot.


We are now in a good season for all these plants except the basil. I clearly wasn't thinking right when I purchased several of those! They really don't like temperatures below 50.


This is not new but grows between the two beds and as you can see is blooming. It is our substitute for Tarragon - Mint Marigold.


He was watching over my work that day.

And this dragonfly was hovering nearby.
I love the beauty of God's nature that keeps me company in the garden.

                                  And now to show you how things have grown.....

...especially the lettuce and greens.

I need to start eating some salads and cooking mustard and turnip greens.
I will be back soon to show some highlights of the trip.

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  1. I just love that you get to garden like this in the fall. You make gardening look like so much fun, even though you say how much hard work it is. Love the dragonfly picture!


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